Exploring Oliver Stone’s Soul & Earth Mission


Oliver Stone has been credited with writing and or directing over 20 full-length feature films, earning him a well-respected place in cinematic history for some of the most influential and iconic films of the last two decades. Continue Reading →

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Is The Age Of Victimhood Ending? Featuring Rosanne Lindsay


Rosanne Lindsay Explores The Age of Victimhood & It’s Inevitable Demise The Outer Limits of Inner Truth recently discovered a great article by Ms. Lindsay called “The Age Of Victimhood: Continue Reading →

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George Kavassilas Launches New Online Spiritual Community


George Kavassilas, one of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth’s most esteemed guests is unleashing a geyser of love & peace into the world (again George?). Please visit: https://www.weareinfinite.lov Continue Reading →

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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with Joyce Keller


The Outer Limits of Inner Truth presents an introspective interview with Psychic Medium & Author Joyce Keller. Joyce Keller is an internationally-known visionary, author, television and radio host, media personality, author of six best-selling books which are sold internationally, Continue Reading →

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What Really Happened? With Michael Rivero


Michael Rivero launched whatreallyhappened.com in 1993 and airs his show at Republic Broadcasting. Originally a child actor, Michael left film work after High School to follow a career in science, working for NASA on the Viking and Voyager projects, among others. Continue Reading →

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Transforming Your Relationships by Kerrie O’Connor


I saw an article about all the planetary actions we will be experiencing throughout November. Some of these alignments haven’t happened in 70 years! The Saturn, Mars, Venus and the Moon are the major player. My first thoughts were that it confirms what I intuitively saw happening throughout November. Continue Reading →

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Surviving Global Shadow – Evolving Beyond Your Personal Struggles

Global Shadow_Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Collective energies are on turbo drive again unveiling the global ego and its shadow. The energetic bombardment through political merry-go-rounds, financial crashes, contaminated food and water, social injustice, techno-control, spiritual emergencies, Wave-X, you name it, has only yet begun. The global shadow is about to unleash its most powerful weapon upon us: Fear, Anger and Negativity. Continue Reading →

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From Survivor to Thriver – OLIT Virtue Liza Caza

Psychic Lisa Caza

You’ve heard her voice many times before on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show, now meet the lady behind the legend. Lisa Caza has been a professional clairvoyant medium for 20 years. She is world renowned for her honest – sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. Continue Reading →

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The Ascension Mysteries with David Wilcock

David Wilcock_Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show

Regularly featured on The History Channel’s hit series “Ancient Aliens,” the Outer Limits of Inner Truth proudly presents an introspective interview with David Wilcock. David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, Continue Reading →

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“Answers From The Afterlife” with Nanci L. Danison

Nanci Danison Outer Limits of Inner Truth

In our introspective interview with Nanci L. Danison, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth explores one of the most fascinating and compelling afterlife experiences in recorded history. This program will Continue Reading →

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The Metaphysical Reasons Why Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Divorced


Why does the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show care about why Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie divorced? It’s not that we’re enthralled with their lives however, everyone knows who they are and we felt that we could take the first metaphysical examination of their marriage demise. Here’s a great analysis by Psychic Medium & OLIT Virtue Lisa Caza. Continue Reading →

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki


Learn about mastery of money & wealth with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki. In addition to an introspective interview with Robert Kiyosaki, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth will also present a Forensic Soul Analysis on him as well. Robert T. Kiyosaki is best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is the #1 personal finance book of all time, which has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. Continue Reading →

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Do Cursed Astrological Charts Exist?


Do Cursed Astrological Charts Exist?
By OLIT Virtue & Astrologer, Constance Stellas

Many people have told me before their astrology reading that they have a cursed chart. This comment makes my blood boil! I ask, “Do you mean that your star patterns are arranged in such a way that there is no hope in this lifetime Continue Reading →

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