EXCLUSIVE: Chung Fu Part II: Features Round Table Discussion With OLIT Virtues


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Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth on BlogTalkRadio Show air date: Thurs, April 16th @ 10 pm est Channeled Spirit Chung Continue Reading →

When To Trust Your Intuition


Intuition is not rational or logical, it is a “just knowing” that comes seemingly out of nowhere. It is an instinctive response to our environment, who and what is around us, an inner safety mechanism designed to help us avoid harm, a chance to think twice before proceeding. Continue Reading →

The Three Minute Negative Energy Shredder

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If you ever feel being “suffocated” with negative energy or feel depressed, angry, sad – here is a track called “Gayatri Mantra Honouring the Gods” and it’s by Stuart Wilde & Richard Tyler. When you play this track, apparently it clears out the negatively around you and immerses your soul in waves of celestial love & light. When listening to this track, you might want to try closing your eyes and let the music flow through you without thought. Continue Reading →

What Should You Do If You Come In Contact With A Spirit?


Many ghosts, spirits, and entities are nonviolent. They are simply lost and confused. Sometimes they may not realize they have moved on. You can help them! If you are someone that meditates often and feels comfortable, feel free to try to make contact. If you are not used to communicating with your inner spirit or other planes, practice first! Practice, perseverance, and patience are key when doing work with spirits. Meditate and learn to listen to the inner voices. When it becomes second nature, you will be surprised at how easy it will be to actually converse with a spirit! Continue Reading →

The Crisis of Masculinity & Reconnecting To Divine Masculinity

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“We are facing a crisis in masculine identity of vast proportions. Increasingly, observers of the contemporary scene – sociologists, anthropologists and depth psychologists– are discovering the devastating dimensions of this phenomenon, which affects each of us personally as much as it affects our society as a whole.” Dr. Robert Moore. Continue Reading →

Super, Blood, Harvest Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse


This weekend we will see a rare combo: an eclipse which is both a Super and a Blood Moon. This makes this particular eclipse highly charged. As I mentioned in previous blogs, a Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the earth than usual. A Blood Moon can occur only during a Total Lunar Eclipse; as the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon the way light is refracted gives a reddish tinge to the Moon. And finally the Harvest Moon is the name farmers have always given to the September Full Moon because it is the time for harvest. Continue Reading →

Do Animals Have Spirits & Feel Our Emotions?

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Whether they are alive or have passed on, our pets always understand our emotions, thoughts, and pain. Realize too that most pets are indeed telepathic – they can not only feel the energy surrounding their owners, they can also “read your heart.” Continue Reading →

Celestial Magic, Spells & Insight with Psychic Medium Lisa McGarrity

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Lisa McGarrity is an authentic, easy-going and practical psychic medium who has been helping people for over twenty years. Lisa is also owner of the highly popular Long Island metaphysical store Envision Crystal. She believes that everyone has the power to shape and control their lives and she enjoys can help others to develop & harness their power. Lisa has the capability of looking any problem from many points of view & offer guidance, especially when life becomes challenging. Many of life’s challenges have both mystical causes and mystical cures and Lisa helps others to create their own personal, mystical cure Continue Reading →

What Is Reincarnation & Is Reincarnation and Resurrection the Same Thing?


Resurrection is when the spirit re-enters THE SAME BODY, in the same life time, and in the same life circumstance. The most widely-known example of resurrection is of course the rise of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Reincarnation on the other hand is when the spirit decides, upon leaving the physical body, to be re-born into a NEW BODY, in a different time, and in and entirely different set of life circumstances. Continue Reading →

The Alchemy of Success – How To Revitalize Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (Virgin companies) or Howard Schultz (Starbucks) say that success is about following your intuition or “gut instinct” more than special skills or higher education. It’s about letting go rather than grasping. It’s about following your heart, not your head. Continue Reading →

Easing Through a Retrograde Mercury


Have you ever heard of the challenging time period called Mercury Retrograde? During this time even people who don’t usually follow astrology often look at me with dread and say “It’s a retrograde Mercury, isn’t it?” Not to worry: this celestial phenomenon can be a productive time for us if we keep certain things in mind. Continue Reading →

Who Were YOU In A Past Life & Psychic Predictions for 2015 – Special Live Show!

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The Outer Limits of Inner Truth will be doing another LIVE show featuring all four Virtues: Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor; Psychic Medium Laura Lyn, Astrologer Constance Stellas, and Psychic Empath Liza Caza. Continue Reading →

From Survivor to Thriver – OLIT Virtue Liza Caza

Psychic Lisa Caza

You’ve heard her voice many times before on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show, now meet the lady behind the legend. Air Date: Aug 27th @ 10:30 pm Continue Reading →

A Metaphysical Perspective & Forensic Soul Analysis On Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Radio Show Will Present A Comprehensive Metaphysical & Soul Analysis Of Jesus Christ & His Teachings On April 3rd, 2015 @ 3 pm EST, the nationally syndicated Outer Limits of Continue Reading →

Is “Family Guy” Actually Good For Your Health & Spiritual Development?

Family Guy

The nationally syndicated “Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” (www.outerlimitsradio.com) radio show presented a metaphysical analysis on TV “Family Guy.” It featured actors from the show, national media personalities, legal experts, mental health professionals, and globally respected psychic mediums. Continue Reading →

Quantum Jumps – The Power To Change Your Past, Present & Future

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Do you have any life regrets? Do you wish you had the power to change the past and transform your future? On a very special Outer Limits of Inner Truth, Continue Reading →

Outer Limits Of Inner Truth One Year Anniversary Celebration

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Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth on BlogTalkRadio Whether you believe in the possibilities of ESP or the laws science, you Continue Reading →

Abraham Lincoln Analyzed By Scholars, Presidential Historians & Metaphysical Teachers


On Feb 12th at 10 pm EST, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show (www.outerlimitsradio.com) proudly presented a Forensic Soul Analysis on President Abraham Lincoln. The show featured nine Continue Reading →

A Forensic Soul Analysis on YOU! One Year Anniversary LIVE Show!

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On Thursday, February 26th at 9 pm EST, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth (www.outerlimitsradio.com) Radio Show will air a special 2-hour broadcast LIVE to commemorate it’s one year Anniversary. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: The Future of Humanity & Media Broadcasting with Michael Harrison

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Air Date: 12/28 @ 8 pm EST We have a special broadcast for you however, it is not a forensic soul analysis. It is be an exclusive with Mr. Michael Continue Reading →

50 Predictions For 2015 Featuring Top Voices In Alternative Media & Spiritual Teachers


On December 15th, The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show (www.outerlimitsradio.com) aired a show dedicated to predictions for 2015. The program featured insights from prominent members of the Alternative Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: First Ever Recorded Interview With Channeled Spirit Chung Fu

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Channeled Spirit “Chung Fu” Who’s Teachings & Works Have Inspired Millions Will Do His First Ever Media Interview on The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show. On Continue Reading →

OLIT Featured On “Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge” Radio Show!

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When a highly respected & globally recognized radio program dedicates a show about another radio program, it’s something that should perk up ears. The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Continue Reading →

The King Of All Media, Howard Stern To Receive Scientific & Metaphysical Analysis

Howard Stern

The King Of All Media, Howard Stern To Receive Scientific & Metaphysical Analysis On Thurs @ 10 pm est, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show (www.outerlimitsradio.com) will proudly Continue Reading →

A Forensic Soul Analysis On Jane Velez-Mitchell


Tonight we are proud and very excited to be doing a forensic soul analysis on one of the most accomplished, beloved, and respected TV journalists in American history, Ms. Jane Continue Reading →

Reverend Sally Perry


The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show will feature a forensic soul analysis on Reverend Sally Perry on Thursday, November 20th at 10 pm EST. A direct link to Continue Reading →

How To Heal Your Energy Field – Chapter 92: Jeff Casper

OL_Jeff Casper

Jeff is an energy worker who has the ability to shift his perception through various levels to help a person’s own energetic self clear blocks, help repair energy systems and Continue Reading →

Soul Analysis On Wrestling Mick Foley Reveals Previous Lifetimes With WWE Stars


  Mick Foley is a legendary professional wrestler, turned multi-time best-selling author , turned stand-up comic/spoken word performer. One of the cornerstones of WWE’s meteoric rise in the late 90’s, Continue Reading →

Multidimensional Perception & Soul Trajectory With Chapter 47: Soren Dreier


Soren Dreier is a mystic well know over the world for his extra sensoric abilities. Soren authors and compiles the hugely popular ‘sorendreier.com’ website and has 20 years experience of Continue Reading →

Calling Out The BS / Reigning In The Truth – Chapter 69: Lori Harfenist

OL_Lori Harfenist

 Lori Harfenist on The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show Since 2001, professional ranter Lori Harfenist has been known as “The Resident” after she started producing, performing in, and Continue Reading →

Analysis On Lindsay Lohan Reveals Past Lives, Soul Struggles, & Potential Death By Suicide


By Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Kerrie O’Connor (www.kerrieoconnor.com) Lindsay Lohan Soul Analysis “I need space” is exactly what I’m seeing happening with Lindsay Lohan. The ‘space’ is flipping back and Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Abortion


The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio show will explore additional metaphysical & spiritual meanings behind abortion. This special show will respect individuals from all perspectives on the issue and Continue Reading →

Outer Limits Virtue Kerrie O’Connor Presents “Opening Up Your Multidimensional SIGHT” Webminar


Kerrie O’Connor Presents “Opening Up Your Multidimensional SIGHT” Webminar Thursday July 10th Thursday July 17th Thursday July 24th Join Kerrie in this threepart series that takes you on a journey Continue Reading →

She’s The Real Deal: Three Globally Respected Psychics & Astrologer Reveal TLC’s “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo Has Genuine Psychic Ability Despite Credibility Crisis


Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth on BlogTalkRadio This week, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show performed a forensic soul analysis on “Long Continue Reading →

The Historical Relevance Of Stuart Wilde


Metaphysical Visionary & Author Stuart Wilde (a frequent contributor to the alternative media and outspoken freedom advocate) completed his physical life incarnation on earth on May 1st 2013. The Outer Continue Reading →

What Is Reincarnation? Is Reincarnation and Resurrection the Same Thing?

Could This Be Proof of Reincarnation

By Lisa Caza (www.soul-psychics.com) Nope! Resurrection and reincarnation are actually two slightly different concepts. Resurrection is when the spirit re-enters THE SAME BODY, in the same life time, and in Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: Teal Swan


Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth on BlogTalkRadio Spiritual Luminary Teal is known to many as ‘The Spiritual Catalyst’ (www.thespiritualcatalyst.com ) and a powerful new Continue Reading →