Virtue Kerrie O’Connor’s Winter Special

By Kerrie O’Connor

We want to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a Listener Here are a few ways we hope to make your Winter holiday special.

Restaurant Ready
Becoming the “Phoenix through the Fire”
Transforming Your Life

A couple of months ago, I witnessed our neighbor’s house burn down leaving the family with just the clothes on their backs. The people lived across the street from us so we had a “front row seat” to one of the most horrifying experienced in my entire life. I’m sure all of us have seen “TV” Hollywood films but to be right in front of one is so different. The fire quickly engulfed the house, as the windows and tires were exploding it sounded like a war zone instead of a neighborhood. The sirens were so loud it was hard to hear each other. They were blaring for 6 hours warning neighbors a fire was in process.

As these events were happening, I also had a “front row seat” to the miracles that occurred. Carlo, my partner, ran throughout their house making sure everyone got out. He didn’t think that he was risking his life for his best friends. As he exited there was another huge explosion that would have trapped him inside a few seconds later. There were two huge containers of gas that didn’t explode even though they were surrounded by the fire. As the neighbors gathered together, they started offering clothes, furniture, blankets, anything they could think of. As the word of the fire got out the town created a fund raiser. My sister’s friend showed up the next day with boxes of clothes, shoes, coats etc. without ever meeting the family. It’s all so heartwarming to see strangers offering support after hearing they lost everything.

Another miracle was that cat survived. She was missing for 4 days after the fire and everyone was praying that she was just spooked. However, as Ed and Teri looked through the damage they found her in a corner of the burnt room. We were speaking to the owners a few weeks later and they shared how it really changed every aspect of their lives. They understood what really matters is they had each other. They are healthy and they won’t only survive but thrive by the experience.

This is a perfect example of what choices we have when faced with a life altering situation. We can sink or swim, fly or die. It’s the “Phoenix through the fire” moments that give us an opportunity to really see what’s important in life. Things can be replaced but love, support and being there for someone gives us all an opportunity to be a real human. Being an Angel having a human experience, I pray that you don’t have to go through a traumatic experience, but if you do, make those events transformational.


Brown Paper Package –┬áMini Sessions for only $40

These are phone sessions only and you can email or ask your two question max. and Kerrie will tape your session on a CD for an additional $4 or email you an Mp3 link free. You will also receive energy techniques that are unique to you and your question.

This price is good until 12/31/15 then it goes to the regular price of $50.

So call 860-887-1201 or email to set up your session today.

Mentorship Program

For anybody that wants to transform their life this is the program for you. Scientific studies show that it takes at least 28 days to break habitual patterns. This program gives you the tools and support to change old patterns into new ways of living an empowered life. We came to Earth to re-mind, re-connect and re-align with Creator. When we do it changes every aspect of your life.


Tuesday Dec 8th 7:30pm – 9:30pm EST
Tuesday Dec 15th 7:30pm – 9:30pm EST
Tuesday January 5th 7:30pm – 9:30pm EST

All this for only $300.00

What Will Be Covered:

Our “real” history-The mystical teachings
Open and strengthen your intuition and energy bodies
Getting past the Veil that blocks us and keeps us into old programming-the 3-D limited
Living life with infinite potentials and fully directing your life force
Activating the “Holy Trinity”-balancing your energy bodies
Tools and teachings that activate, re-align, re-connect you to the Creator within
There will be time during the class to ask answers and you can email Kerrie in between classes as well.

The cost for all this information and teachings is $300. To register you can call 860-887-1201 or email

This program will change your life!

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