Autobiographical Notes of Stuart Wilde (In His Own Words)

Dear Family, Friends & Students of Stuart Wilde:

The following information below is a compilation of Stuart’s autobiographical notes that he sent to me. This is first time it’s being published and the intention of doing it is not for monetary gain or for accolades. Out of deep love & respect for all of you, the intention is to simply to pass along which was passed on to me by Stuart. I can’t fathom him not wanting his beloved Readers to see this. Please feel free to share this. Below are Stuart’s own words (un-edited).

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Final Proof…
Stuart Wilde
Autobiography Transcription—A World of High Strangeness
April, 2013

I was asked to write some autobiographical notes about myself. Most autobiographies are about what people have done in life; I thought it more interesting to write about that which has been done me: events of high strangeness that I have experienced, of which there have been many. My books, music albums and films are listed at the end. SW

The Virgin Mary (New Year’s Day 2000)
The first event occurred on New Year’s Day in the Year 2000. An apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared over my house in Australia. There were about nine or ten of us up the road above the house looking down at her. She was hovering there over the roof for twenty minutes; her features were so clear you could even see her eyes blink. Eventually she turned 90 degrees towards us, and she had her hands across her chest. She very slowly opened her arms so they were on either side of her, and it felt like she was offering a blessing. Then she closed her hands across her chest once more, twisted 90 again, looking out over the rainforest, which was below the house, and a few minutes later she blipped out.

The Celestial Heat (Summer 2000)
The next event was at a beautiful house in Dorset, England in a rose garden. I was there for the weekend with a group that had come for a meditation seminar. I was sitting under an apple tree talking to some of the participants when my right arm suddenly became translucent. It blipped in and out, dematerializing, and it became pure light. It only lasted for a minute or two, but I had no idea what it was. It was very, very strange.

However, at 5 AM the next morning, my entire body became full of light, and I became intensely hot. I later named this phenomena, the “Celestial Heat.” The heat was absolutely unbearable and suffocating, and I was in a panic about it. I would get into a bath of cold water and the heat would just go down a degree or two and immediately come back up even before I was out of the water. It was an excruciating time for me; the heat lasted five months. I would lie on the floor of the house on the tiles in the kitchen in my underpants because the tiles were cold. And I would sometimes reach up and telephone friends for a bit of respite.

I wasn’t able to move properly, and so I found myself having to urinate on the floor and clean it up later. The heat took an enormous effort to endure, and the most disturbing thing about the Celestial Heat, was that I could feel the heat coming out of my eyes. And I thought that it might affect my sight. The torment went on for about twenty-three hours a day, and I was only able to sleep for one hour or so. After about six weeks, I became somewhat acclimatized to it, and then gradually I began to sleep more. It seemed like it was some kind of cathartic process, a form of rejuvenation.

The Descent of the Morph (Spring 2001)
I have seen that rejuvenation before, because one day in my house in Australia an event occurred that I call “the descent of the Morph.” The walls went soapy, and the floors were indistinct and hazy. I was with a meditation group. Colorful patterns began to appear on their skin—fractal patterns, circles, geometries, triangles, and swirls that come from the Mandelbrot or the Julia set. And what we found was that the people became less and less solid, and we could put our finger into the forehead of another person. When it came out it was very long and slimy looking; it had elongated. We played like children laughing for hours, as this morph phenomena partially dematerialized our bodies.

My house in Milton was an adobe style house and there were beams on the ceiling. I would sit in the kitchen and observe words scrolling across the beams like a scroll bar, crawler, on a computer. And there were messages and some of it was in Latin; one of them said, “Anno Domini.” So the morph, or the arrival of the morph, was one of the high strange things. Later, myself and others saw the complete dematerialization of a person many times, about 1,000 times so far. This is very common because humans are solid and non-solid at the same time.

The First Full Dematerialization (2005)
The first time I ever saw a person completely dematerialize, I was in Brazil. I was at a campfire. There was a man kneeling in front of the fire smoking a cigarette, he started to blip in and out of view; he was solid and not solid and then solid again. Then he stood up and completely disappeared, but what was really fascinating was that the cigarette in his hand did not disappear. And so as he walked around the garden to the other side of the campfire, I could see the cigarette, and I could see when he lifted the cigarette to his mouth to take a puff. After about twenty-five minutes, he came back into view. He was the first person that I saw dematerialize completely, 100%. That was another one of those high strangeness experiences that I had on this journey, this metaphysical spiritual journey that I’ve been on.

The Embarrassing Beatification
Another thing that happened to me while I was in Milton occurred about a week or two after the Morph arrived. I was meditating on a mat when some people (Sacred Beings) came up behind me. They said, “We would like to show you a beatification, Mr. Wilde.” Well I’m English, and I don’t take well to beatifications; we tend to try to keep things under a bushel as much as possible. I was intensely embarrassed.

I knelt down, and the beings began to put images, codes, and symbols into my energy onto my back. I couldn’t see them particularly at first, but gradually, I began to see visions of what was going in. It was numbers, equations, fractal symbols, Sanskrit, geometries, prayers, songs, and the chirping of birds. Many, many different feelings as well: natural feelings, like the purity of trees, and flowers, and mountains, and streams. I went into extremes of bliss, and after twenty-five minutes, the bliss was so painful I asked the beings that were behind me if they could stop because I couldn’t take anymore of it. About three minutes later, they did stop, and I returned to my mat.

The Pictures on My Skin
Four months later, pictures began to appear on my skin. Some of them were drawn in what one might describe as a brown crayon that was darker than the pigment or the suntan in my skin. They would prickle, and an image would form, so I would see something like a lion cub with a halo. And I saw the words, “Anno Domini,” again, and I’d see constellations as stars marked out on my skin. And sacred text, Hindu symbols, many images of Buddhism and Buddha, Christian crosses, and a little church with a cross on the top of the spire would appear. They would form at the rate, sometimes, of 200 an hour. Sometimes they would be a foot long. I had a white spiral on my belly, which is part of the Julia set, and it was there for several days. But normally, the images would last for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, and then they would prickle again and morph into something else.

So the symbols, pictures, the codes, and the patterns that were part of the beatification appeared on my skin later. The pictures on my skin lasted for five months, and there were well over 100,000 of them, and that was also a very strange time because I had no idea what was going on.

The Body as a Whiteboard
At first, my friends would draw the pictures and document them, and then afterwards there were too many to be bothered with it. At that time, I also had another very strange experience. I was sitting in my bed one day with my shirt off, and a friend of mine said that he could project an image onto my chest mentally and it would appear. So I suggested to him that he do two circles and a triangle, and we would see. And sure enough, those symbols appeared on my skin minutes later. So I became like a whiteboard for people’s projected thoughts. And after we’d run this experiment many times, 150-200 times, with different images, geometric shapes words and so on, it passed and after three days, we weren’t able to do it anymore. But it was also a sort of adjunct, an aspect of the pictures of my skin, a part of the strangeness of all of that.

The Bangles and the UFOs
The next thing that happened a couple of months later was that I began to see the UFOs in the sky. They oscillate at a slightly different frequency than we are used to, which is why we do not see them all of the time. But in any patch of clear blue sky above your head, there are 200. Most of them look like brown flying blobs, they are like flying excrement, and then some of them are like a stick or a shepherd’s crook with a curve at the top. Others are like flying oil barrels or cylinders. Some of them are the classic saucer shape that people are familiar with from various UFO films and so forth. Some are vast flying triangles, and others were mechanical looking like kid’s Mecano pieces. They are entities that are bolted together, but they are not really anything that would normally be airborne because of their shape. However, they can pretend to be flying ships. The solid UFO is a myth promoted by the Government to cover their experimental craft flying at places like Area 51, Nevada.

The UFOs are devil beings that can fly, and behind the UFOs are the reptiles. The Greys that come out of the UFOs and periodically appear are drones that are manufactured in a mechanical hell world. One day, in London, I saw a grey in my office. I had a room at the back where sometimes in the afternoon I would meditate for half an hour, and a grey appeared just off the end of the bed I was meditating on. Through the force of my will I went through its eye, and that’s how I know that the reptiles are behind the greys.

When I came out of the office shortly thereafter, there was a UFO about 25-30 feet across hovering above Camden Hill, which is close to where my office was in Notting Hill Gate. It floated off across Holland Park and I lost it among the buildings. The UFOs and the greys are linked to degradation; they can fire thoughts at humans and the human is not necessarily aware that those thoughts are foreign. They lead the world towards degradation, pedophilia, pornography, violence, thieving, whatever. They are seriously from the hell worlds. So that was another experience that I had with a UFO in my office.

Personal Freedom and the Silver Bangles
My journey over those years, from the year 2000 to the present time, has been really a journey of self-discovery in an attempt to find personal freedom and to write about it for others so they may also be free of the mental, emotional, spiritual confusion and anguish which sometimes permeates society.

But as part of that journey, the inner world forces have also mercilessly attacked me. It began in Spain in 2001-2002, when the UFOs began to appear over my head in the day as clear as anything. And at that time, I acquired some silver bangles around my wrists; they shone with a very great celestial light. I found that when I dropped my hands down by my side, there was a slight “clunk clunk” sensation and the bangles would load. I would flick my left wrist and the bangle would fly in a curved trajectory like a guided missile. It would hit the blobs up in the sky and they would tumble to earth. That provoked a battle, a very intense battle. I don’t really want to call them UFOs because while that is the impression that exists in people’s minds that see them as technological craft. They’re not from outer space but inner space, they are just flying excrement blobs that can Morph, as said. When the left hand bangles hit the blobs, they would shuddered and fall. That lasted for a while until in the end there didn’t seem to be anymore at that place. The fight was in Northern Spain in a town called Tudela.

Apparitions in the Sky
After Spain, I crossed the border into France and drove from the west of France past Carcassonne going towards Cannes. The next high strangeness was that I saw an apparition of a sort of Mephistopheles character in a long black trench coat appear on the side of the road and he was about twenty feet high. But behind him, I also saw myself as an apparition in the sky, and I was 5000-6000 feet high up to the underside of the clouds, which I estimated were at that height, and to my left was my teddy bear, who was 600 feet high. That apparition of myself in the sky lasted for three to four hours, and it wasn’t the first time that I’d seen the apparitions because nine months previously I’d seen them in Ireland. And they’re very large and very real, and you can see every minute detail. I saw a Celtic lord and his Queen in the sky, and then I also saw some really ugly, ghoulish, fascist looking types. But when you look at these apparitions in the sky you can see their fingernails and you can even see them blink, they are so clear. It’s not a fleeting thing, and it’s not the shape of a cloud that you may imagine is somebody’s face and so forth; none of the above. It’s absolutely real, incredibly real. Those apparitions will return for humanity’s inspiration, and many millions of people on earth will see them.

The Tube to the Void
Later that night, after I saw the Mephistopheles and the other apparitions, I was at a hotel at a place called Les Adret, which is not far from Cannes. I was having dinner with a friend, and I saw an image of myself hovering beside the table. It was there for about an hour, and the waiter walked through me, five, six, seven, eight times. Later that evening, when I was in my room, I started to feel this intense pressure all around me. It was excruciating. I felt like I was moving down a tube. My head was bursting and I could hardly breathe, and I kept moving down the tube that I could not see. I imagine it’s what a baby experiences going down a birth canal.

But as I went down this tube, some demonic force that I couldn’t see was firing at me. It looked like dirty white snowballs coming at me through a night sky. They would hit me in my lower back around my kidneys, and I felt a thump, thump, thump that went on for hours and hours. After what was perhaps four or five hours, I broke out of the tube and I found myself in a vast void. I was just hovering there in this darkness, and that was the most petrifying moment of my life. I had no idea where I was or what the void was, but it was as if it was in an as yet unformed universe, where they hadn’t turned the lights on.

I was desperate; I didn’t know what to do. And then I remembered, after about ten or fifteen minutes of this pure terror, an instruction that I used to give students of mine: that whenever you get stuck, fall backwards, then twist to your right and fall forwards. Then twist to your left and fall backwards again. And so, I made these L-shaped twists, and I came out of the void.

I was on a bed in the hotel room once more. I decided to try to make it to a spa bath in my room that at was not far from the bed. As I came off the bed, my legs dematerialized and I literally fell into the floor. It was intensely scary and difficult to stay centered; I had to really focus. I crawled on my elbows across the room and up a couple of stairs, and went into the bath with the hot water running and my legs came back. Periodically, they would start to blip out again, and I got scared because I thought my legs had gone.

But in a period of about a half an hour in the bath, I regained a sense of my physical form, and then I could hear the birds singing outside my room. It was dawn, and that brought me intense joy. I started to cry because it had truly been eight hours of absolute hell going to the void and back.

The Cactus Thorns
The next event of high strangeness I’d like to recount occurred one night when I was in trance. I saw cactus thorns on my fingers. I really didn’t know what they meant, and I asked, “What are these for?” and I heard, “point and shoot.” I could see beings in the hell world at a distance, and so I fired the thorns from my fingers with a puff of my breath. In fact, they actually went out of my fingers as a small purple dot that travelled on a curved trajectory. When it hit one of the devils in the distance it degraded and melted. So I began fighting in those worlds, watching them through trance, sometimes for six hours a day. That was from 2007 to about 2010, almost 2011.

I spent 4,500 hours watching those hell worlds, and then sometimes, I’d get to see the celestial heavens as well. There are some beautiful golden beings there, Gods we don’t know much about, that are sometimes up to sixty feet high and radiate with the light of 1,000 suns. One gets there through trance; you have to be able to sustain the low brain speed of two to four cycles a second without falling asleep. That’s how you eventually arrive at that parallel dimension or that parallel universe that is facing us. It’s a mirror world, opposite us (see below).

Visions of Jesus at an Old Church (2010)
I started to see visions of Jesus, many, many visions, one after the next. I was at an 800-year-old church in Dorset, Matravers near Corfe Castle, England. I saw a vision of Jesus by the altar in the church and outside the church there was a woman in blue that was connected to him; I didn’t know who she was. Then a week or two later, I went back to the church and I saw Jesus in the doorway, as a vision of course. He stepped forward and he put a lamb in my arms; it was covered with blood, I felt sorry for it.

Strangely, I could feel the weight of the animal in my arms, which was very odd because essentially all of this had been taking place in another world. And then I went through enormous amounts of pain; I would absorb pain in the street from people who were emotionally, mentally, or spiritually injured. I would feel it very deep in my bones, and I termed it “LOG-pain,” which stands for “Lamb of God” pain, because I didn’t know what else to call it. That pain went on for quite a few years, and in fact, it still continues to this day. And then I continued to see visions of Jesus.

One day I saw him in front of me and he put his hands up against my hands and there was some kind of incomprehensible transfer of energy. And then I felt Jesus morph into me and morph out again, and that happened eight times. And then I saw visions of laying my hands on people and healing them. I was very reticent to go with that because, I’m English, and one isn’t given to exhibitions or feats of strangeness or showing off in public.

But in the end I went past my apprehension of it, and I began doing healings in the street on passersby, and eventually I did more structured healings at the back of the health food shops and so forth. In a five-month period, I did 4,080 healings mostly in Ireland. Then the testimonials started coming in: one was cured of leukemia, and then another was cured of a very serious knee injury. Then there were brain tumors, cancers, and sciatica, and I worked on 93 demonic possession cases.

In the end, I had a list of about 30 or 40 different very serious complaints that I have handled by touching people. Each healing lasts for about two-three minutes, I do bird chirps and whistles and say prayers like the Hindu Gayatri Mantra. That seems like all it takes. I’ve since seen visions of France, so I’m headed there next. I decided to go to Lourdes where Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary in a grotto in the 1850s. There hasn’t been a miracle healing in Lourdes for thirty years, so the faithful have been disappointed.

My intention is to go there and clear the space a bit of any negative influences that have taken over the joint and begin doing healings there for people. Hopefully, if they’re as successful as the ones I did last year (2012), then Lourdes will be reestablished as a place of healing, for those of a warm heart and good intention, and it will be a victory against the dark forces.

The Stigmata
In conclusion, I need to backtrack slightly. In 2009, I got the stigmata, which is the sensation of skewers or nails going through your hands and your feet. My stigmata was like that of St. Catherine of Sienna (1347-1380); it didn’t bleed, but the pain was excruciating, and it went 24/7 for three-and-a-half years. It was hard to sleep at night. There were no medicines that would alleviate the pain. Sometimes it did ease off after about 3 AM; otherwise, it lasted day and night. I had no idea why I got that, but one day I saw a vision of Padre Pio, the Italian priest from Pietrelcina, Italy, who got the stigmata. He appeared in front of me and he put both of his index fingers in the palms of my hands. As said, I’ve had no blood, but I’ve had the sensation of pain. I had the experience of Jesus appearing and transferring the energy into my hands. So I have a feeling that somehow the pain of the stigmata is how I got the ability to heal people with my hands.

At night, lying in a darkened room, I can see the light in my hands both with my eyes opened and my eyes shut (inner sight). The sight of this light flashing off my fingers is what convinced me eventually to do the hands-on healings, because I believed, rightly or wrongly, that the energy was there. The stigmata was the strangest of all things because it was all-encompassing and excruciating.

If you take a hammer, which I suggest you don’t, and a nail, and you put the nail in the palm of your hand and tap slightly with the hammer, you begin to get 10% of what the stigmata feels like. It is accompanied with the sensation of the bones in your hands and your feet being broken. So at times, I wasn’t able to walk very far at all.

There’s an immense war in the inner worlds, an Armageddon that is being fought right now between the forces of light and the forces of dark to liberate the world. Each person who garners even a small amount of light becomes a warrior in that battle, for their light is spread around as they go about their day.

The Mirror-World Parallel Universe is Just 18 Inches Away
What I discovered in trance was this, that there is a mirror world, a parallel universe that faces us. When you outstretch your arms, it begins halfway between your elbow and your wrist. So it’s about 18 inches away. In that parallel universe, are the heavens and the hells and the places in between (limbos). All humans have an alternative identity in the mirror world, an exact double, which is a doppelgänger that is in effect the spirit of who you are. It retains the perpetual memory of all your actions, thoughts, and feelings in this lifetime. It continues after your death. From that mirror-world, I began to see visions. Many events on earth form in the Mirror-World before they happen here on earth. That is why psychics and sensitives can sometimes predict the future.

I during a number of years I saw over 200,000 visions come out of the Mirror-World. A lot of them were to do with dimensions, directions, and vectors in hyperspace. Some of it was to do with the destiny of the world. I saw the fall of Gaddafi, Benazir Bhutto, Mubarak, Berlusconi, and the death of Michael Jackson, which I saw nine months before he passed away.

And sometimes the visions were more cataclysmic. I saw the California earthquake, although I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly when that might happen. And then many of the visions talked about an inner world Armageddon: the forces of Light fighting against the forces of dark to bring eventual peace and rejuvenation to the earth. This event, which I call the Renewal, is where Gaia, the spirit of nature, claims back the earth to herself.

Backwards in Time the Rejuvenation
I was shown how it is possible for a human to be rejuvenated. One day, I had an intense prickling sensation on my left hand that lasted about twenty minutes. My hand went creamy white, and various scratches, pimples, and brown spots completely disappeared. My hand looked like that of a young teenager. The process did not occur on my right hand, and so I could put the two next to each other and see the difference. I believe that when the Renewal happens, humans will be taken back in time maybe twenty or thirty years, and they will be completely restored. The creamy white hand was one of the major visions that I saw on my spiritual journey. It was very impacting because it grants us hope for physical rejuvenation.

It is through these visions that I’ve been able to write a blog,, of my perceptions and understandings of our karma and our journey through life. In addition to teachings about sin, absolution, and the heavens and hells, I hope to bring a modicum of understanding to people who seek direction and spiritual guidance for their growth and transformation.

I don’t charge for the hands-on healings or my blog, as I feel that for the most part, spiritual perceptions and healing ought to be delivered for free wherever possible. The testimonials of the healings are at, please click Testimonials.

I attest that the experiences and events described above are true and accurate, some facts have been omitted for the sake of brevity, and they are not necessarily in exact, chronological order. Stuart Wilde


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