Why The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show Was Created

Since the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth radio show began a few weeks ago, our listeners have tripled and we’re seeing some of the shows get shared on social media. If you’re one of our listeners, thank you so much.

The creation of the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth radio show was a gut feeling put into action. I wanted to ask fascinating individuals deep introspective questions (not Larry King ones) they may not normally be asked and then go deeper by having the world’s top psychics, past life readers & astrologer analyze them.

Thus far we’re getting a tremendous amount of original insight & information and having fun in the process.

The Virtues (Kerrie, Constance, Laura, and Lisa) are pretty damn amazing and it’s been shocking at times to see how similar they are on their insights even though all their interviews are taped at separate times.

In terms of who I am – just some dude named Ryan. When my full name is mentioned the first thing most people think of is birth control.

This ride has only just begun. Thanks for being a part of it!

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