Beyond the Laws of Attraction with Tammy De Mirza

Tammy De Mirza Is An Intercessor, Medium, Teacher, Speaker & Author

In Tammy’s own words:
I am a Professional Intuitive, Intercessor, Medium, Mentor and Teacher. My mediumship includes but is not limited to being a Psychic (all Mediums are Psychics), Physical Mediumship and Trans-Mediumship. When I asked God for the title to associate with my work, I was told that if I were told the title, nobody would understand what that title meant, as my work is different from what people are familiar with.

Love has to come from within. When we spend our entire lives searching for it outside of ourselves, is when we continue to experience pain and suffering. When we stop and get in alignment with what God/Our Higher Selves knows, then we truly can see things from an unlimited perspective and feel, experience and know that love. Once we have it, we can give it to others.

This spiritual journey and why we came here is not for cowards. The work is intense and what we go through with the ego mind is extraordinary. However, the rewards are far more than one can possibly imagine from a current perspective of pain.

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