Why Saturday’s Super Moon Will Shake Humanity

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By Constance Stellas / Astrologer, Huffington Post Contributor & OLIT Virtue

The Super Moon on Saturday is a Full Moon that is closer to the earth than usual. This month’s Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces. Pisces people may feel reclusive.
Others may have vivid and prophetic dreams. Others will sleep very deeply. The chords of compassion and helpfulness to those unfortunate are emphasized in a Pisces Moon. Be kind and unwind. There is a lot of intensity at the Full Moon and we should all put our shields up and protect our energies from over stimulation and cooties.

The Upcoming Super Moon – August 29

An ancient astrologer taught: “As Above So Below,” meaning that the motion of the stars, planets, Sun, and Moon above have influences and consequences on life below on earth. Chaos in the heavens brought disturbances on earth and harmony brought peace and ease. No matter what other planetary patterns are in effect the Full Moon is a hide tide mark of intensity.

The Super Moon is a Full Moon that is closer to the earth than usual. Technically we say the moon is in apogee. We will have three of them in 2015. What does it mean? All aspects of the moon’s domain: feelings, sensitivities, moods, intuitions, and creativity are heightened. The Moon speaks to our unconscious. Many people experience vivid and sometimes prophetic dreams. Some people have trouble sleeping and others conk out like a log. Each Full Moon, Super or no, falls in an astrological sign. The August 29th moon falls in Pisces, a water sign. Pisces people may feel reclusive. Others may be filled with feeling and compassion for animals and the unfortunate. Our awareness of all humanity can be charged. And the realm of fantasy and imagination is fluid and flowing.


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