The Historical Relevance Of Stuart Wilde

Metaphysical Visionary & Author Stuart Wilde (a frequent contributor to the alternative media and outspoken freedom advocate) completed his physical life incarnation on earth on May 1st 2013. The Outer Limits of Inner Truth will honor him on May 1st, 2014 – exactly on year to the day of his passing. While millions of hearts worldwide were crushed over his departure, there is no question that Stuart Wilde was and always will be considered historically relevant. This relevancy will likely echo much louder especially if humanity does indeed undergo a massive awaking in conscious as predicted by Wilde.


For over 40 years, Stuart wrote several books & articles about personal freedom how anyone could attain it without ever engaging in a physical confrontation with another human being. His books “Weight Loss For The Mind” & “Affirmations” were simple, how-to-books for people to shatter their OWN self imposed tyrannical chains. Both books sold millions of copies and were translated into 27 languages.

Deepak Choopra & Dr. Wayne Dyer were two of many successful individuals who Stuart Wilde mentored. He was known as a “teachers teacher”. Stuart was also a person who one could say lived a ton of life in a short period of time – he traveled across the globe roughly 90 times over, reached a plethora of financial success across various industries, and had far more friends than the president has fake twitter followers.


Stuart actively wrote about the forces of control and fascism, why they were getting stronger, and what their undoing would actually be. He discussed that some human beings chose to have a physical life incarnation in these historical times for exact evolutionary purpose of experiencing oppression and fascism. Stuart discussed an individual’s noble challenge of fighting for & attaining personal freedom through a globally connected grid of control.

Stuart either knew of or was in contact with many of the great minds and writers of the Alternative Media (David Icke, Jeff Rense, Chris Duane, Darryl Schoon, Gerald Celente, and many others) and they would post some of his articles on their sites.


One day the world may see Stuart Wilde the same light as Nostradamous as he too made hundreds of predictions that many of which came true. Stuart had a simple methodology for seeing what was coming and he actually trained several individuals how to do it (you can learn it too). Not only that but, Stuart taught individuals how to perceive & experience other dimensions – he wrote extensively on the metaphysical science of this as well astral projection – very advanced even for the most novice of seekers and quantum physicists .

Many consider Stuart a “guru” but, the reality is that he was the farthest thing from a “guru” and the degree of his humbleness could cause migraines for his PR dept – he never wanted to talk about his accomplishments on air and he repeatedly said he wasn’t holier or above anyone else. He didn’t seek out followers or praise. He never said “come hither I know the way” – he was more of an investigative spiritual journalist who reported back to the world his observations.


Stuart also had what many consider a brilliant sense of humor and never passed up an opportunity make a joke about himself or point the comical absurdities in daily life. He’d have crowds of thousands enthralled in the virtues of love & peace while provoking waves of laughter with his punchlines often ending with the word “fuck.” Stuart said that the elite ruling class of the world needed everyone’s prayers because they were suffering from the debilitating disease known as “Ass-a-holicism” and that they were “ass-a-holics.”

In the last few years of his life, Stuart’s work was being discovered by and was catching on fire with young adults. We were also getting TONS of media requests for him each week. Mancow (10th largest radio show in the country) LOVED having Stuart on and many shows who had Stuart on once were quick to book him on again. Can’t tell you how many producers said that they got surges of web traffic during SW’s interviews.


While Stuart Wilde’s physical body is no longer of this world, his legacy lives on inside of those with the fire love, peace and freedom in their hearts. The cornerstones of his teachings were always founded on Tenderness, Generosity, and Respect

Stuart Wilde’s historical relevance will echo louder and louder the more of humanity that walks away from the debt & death paradigm and walks into fulfillment of unconditional love’s potential.


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