Questions Howard Stern Doesn’t Have The Audacity To Answer

Dear Howard,
It took me seven years to finally become an employee of yours.
You were someone I once viewed as a hero & icon
My interview style even has a resonance of you.
Below are the introspective questions I would love to ask you.
Do you have the audacity to take on this challenge?
Ryan McCormick

Questions Howard Stern Doesn’t Have The Audacity To Answer

One of Billy Joel’s songs is “only the good die young.” If one looks at the world, they can observe that many great & kind hearted people die early while many evil pricks walk around until they’re 90. You Sir however, have made millions of people laugh and you’ve created a platform for creative people to have a voice. Are you afraid that because you are a good person that there is a higher probability that you’ll be dead sooner than you expect?

What was the most painful experience of your life and how did it affect your ambition, creativity, and ability to feel deserving of good things? Are you still transcending this painful experience?

Do you like yourself? Have ever found that your perpetual ability to be unsatisfied, work tirelessly, demand more and seek more (while bearing great fruits) is in actually a physical manifestation of an internal race to find self acceptance and embrace self love?

Have you become the man that you always hoped you would become or do you find that you were than man earlier in your life and you are seeking to find the path back to him?

Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel that all the pain & joy experiences you’ve had thus far in your lifetime have led you a paradise of contentment?

Have you ever observed that you can become emotionally provoked quickly when observing others who have qualities that you yourself have but, are not proud of or even ashamed of?

Do you fear that if you fully transcend your shame, guilt, and inner suffering that you may lose some of your capability of relating to your audience?

For a moment, please think about the faith you’ve had in yourself and the faith you’ve had in your spiritual / religious beliefs. Which one of those two have you struggled more often to keep faith in and which one of those two has pulled you out of places of despair more often?

They say there are certain individuals who can bring the best & worst out of you. What three individuals bring out your best & what individuals bring out your worst and why?

What was worst betrayal from a friend you ever experienced and did that betrayal forever impact your capability of trusting others (even those closest to you)?

Lao Tzu once said “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Of all the things that you did to attempt to expand your consciousness and awareness, what where the two that were the most profound and had the biggest impact?

Why is chess important to you and how has the game cultivated your critical thinking skills and longer term life & career planning?

You find out you’re about to die and have just one minute to tell all of humanity what you learned during your lifetime and what your best pieces of wisdom are. What are you going to say?

Do you actively seek truth & wisdom and if so, are you willing to embrace ideas and concepts even if they are a total affront to some of your long held moral & spiritual beliefs?

Do you think god is douchebag? Do you currently feel judged in life by an ‘alleged supreme being’ and are you afraid of judgment after you die?


What do you think that your three biggest innovations have been to the broadcast industry and do you think that any of the innovations have been perfected to a greater degree by another broadcaster?

How did you grow & evolve you interview style at the beginning of your career and get it to where it is today?

Why do you think you have been able to get people to reveal intimate details about their lives almost with relative ease?

What were two interviews you did that you may not have been the most notorious or famous but, were ones that you felt were your personal best – when you utilized all of your potential?

Of all your rivals in radio (personalities), who did you find to be the most formidable and why?

Have you ever attained a career victory or milestone that actually brought you a considerable amount of psychological pain in the days after?

What do you think your epic battles with the FCC taught people about freedom of speech and do you think that the Howard Stern of the 80’s & 90’s would still be successful in today’s militant Political Correct society?

Do you think that a majority of today’s Americans are cowards and unwilling to stand up & fight for the very civil liberties that previous generations died fighting to defend?

Why are you so passionate about helping animals? What impact has your animal rescue efforts had on your mental health?


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