Questions We’d Love to Ask Dee Snider

Dee Snider Outer Limits of Inner Truth

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth would love to do an introspective interview with Rock legend Dee Snider.
We’ve waiting to hear back from his PR team but, here are some of the questions we would like to ask him.


Throughout your life, what have been some of the most profound moments of confidence and moments where your self confidence was shaken and why?

Million of people have enjoyed & appreciated Twisted Sister’s music. What songs would you say have had the greatest emotional impact on people and what songs would you say been known to provoke thought change in others?

When you met your Wife, did it change or enhance the passion you had for some particular songs and what impact did your Wife have on your career?

The documentary “We Are Twisted Fucking Sister” shows you at times praising and yelling at the audience. How were able to read the pulse of a crowd and what are some of the things you did to effectively communicate with them?

Many musicians have been known to drink yet, my understanding is that you didn’t touch alcohol. Why so?

Are there any Authors or Philosophers that have had an impact on the way you think & live your life?

Are there certain musical beats that would consider your favorites and are there certain musical beats that when people hear, they know they are experiencing the soul of what Twisted Sister is all about?

Of all the concerts that Twisted Sister has played, are there any that stand out in your mind where you and the band were essentially one with the audience – your energy, your emotion, your joy was all connected?


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