About The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Outer Limits of Inner Truth

The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis

If Science & Mysticism got married, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth (www.outerlimitsradio.com) radio show would be their child. OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) is a program about introspection, discovery, and evolution. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks and is now heard on over 44 AM stations nationwide. OLIT is the world’s only show about “Forensic Soul Analysis.” OLIT has previously profiled individuals such as Dr. Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Oliver Stone, Gary Johnson, Actor Frank Vincent, George Carlin, NHL Legend Mark Messier, Howard Stern, Jane Velez-Mitchell and more.

“The Outer Limits of Inner Truth” can be heard on iTunes, Radio Monterey Network, and the following AM stations:

KLAE Marshland, OR
KJAG Hutchinson, KS
KMAZ Goldfield, NV
KKGO LancasterMN
WRUB Menominee IL
KZAB Northport, WA
WGTM Townsend, TN
WANF Moores, NY
KPPA Mindemines, MO
KKRP Cowlington, OK
KHXI Cowlington, OK
KTAH Francis, UT
KLJS Eureka, MT
KABH Moyie, ID
WMIT Almena, WI
KQBN Prescott, IA
WDRQ Philo, OH
KQBN Franklin, CO
WMIT Thorne, MI


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