The Inner Journey with Shawna Allard

Shawna Allard is a Psychic Medium / Clairvoyant Channel.

In Shawna’s own words:
I was born psychic and wasn’t even aware that I was uniquely gifted until age nine. At this young age, I discovered that I had the gift of seeing auras, a glow of colored light around living things. Along with this discovery, I found that this gift was not something that everyone possessed. I felt somewhat different and it made me uncomfortable. Even though I downplayed my new-found gift, I did continue to have psychic knowing.

My gift of psychic knowing did not fully develop until my mid-thirties. One day, while my life was in great turmoil and I was in deep prayer, I experienced a life-altering vision. I received enlightenment. The Holy Spirit enlightened me and all my chakras were opened. It was in this moment that I experienced the fullness of Divine presence which awakened my clairvoyance to its fullest. I was answered with visions, words, and surrounded by my angels and guides. I received answers to my prayers and more. Spirit said “We can speak through you to help others.”

Yes, I had always heard, “ask and you shall receive,” but suddenly my gifts were fully activated and I knew things for others, and understood things I didn’t even need to know. After the initial shock of this realization, I shared a bit with family and friends. Instead of charging a fee to share my gift, I asked for feedback as to the value each person experienced. Being able to share my gift of insight with others to lead them to their life’s dreams is truly satisfying. By calling on Spirit, I can give you guidance and comfort to help resolve your most important life issues.

Knowing is an amazing story of triumph over adversity and the awakening of extraordinary intuition. Shawna shows you a path that will help you understand your personal intuitive voice. The stories of actual people, their questions, and the Divine answers they receive will change your life. Experience this book and experience the joy and enlightenment of Divine Wisdom.


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