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OL_Ryan McCormick Host of Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Born & Raised on Long Island, New York; Ryan McCormick is the Host & Executive Producer of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show.

At an early age Ryan knew he was a Fringe Dweller was never considered a “normal kid.” Ryan always thought differently and while he loved learning, he often found school to be incredibly boring. Ryan also drew ire from teachers for constant daydreaming and causing playful chaos. This one minute video below pretty much gives the long story short about Ryan’s soul purpose for this lifetime.

On the journey, Ryan has met and worked with several of his mentors including Howard Stern and Michael Levine. In 2005 Ryan discovered the works of Metaphysical Teacher & Visionary Stuart Wilde. He loved Wilde’s humor, fearlessness, and cutting edge style of teaching. In 2009, Ryan became Wilde’s publicist.

Ryan created the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show to honor great teachers, to explore consciousness and to attempt to quench a voracious thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and laughter. Ryan also has a deep love & respect for the OLIT Listeners, Virtues, and Guests.

In addition to the show, Ryan is co-founder of two public relations agencies that have counseled several metaphysical & spiritual teachers. He’s a former stand up comedian.

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