Outer Limits Virtue Lisa Caza’s Book Gets Five-Star Review!

Lisa Caza Book_Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Outer Limits of Inner Truth Virtue Lisa Caza‘s book “Finding Paradise After the Storm” just got a five-start review on Reader’s Favorite – a huge & prestigious book news site. Below is the review and we hope you’ll check out Lisa’s book!

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite
Domestic violence is a deadly demon at whose hands many women suffer in silence. The abuse can be physical, emotional, or a combination of both, and it generally takes away the victim’s power and control over their lives or any hope of ever finding happiness. Summoning the courage to get out of an abusive relationship is one of the hardest first steps for anyone to take and many women are yet to get there. However, there are many who have been brave enough to take this step and come out on the winning side. In her deeply inspirational autobiography titled Finding Paradise After the Storm, Lisa Caza narrates her journey through years in an abusive relationship, finally getting the courage to take back control of her life, and ultimately finding happiness plus the lessons learned along the way.

Finding Paradise After the Storm by Lisa Caza is an inspirational story of survival, courage, transformation and love. It is a story of hope and inspiration to all those going through it – that you can still take back control, make your life yours once again, and give yourself a fresh start towards the happiness you truly deserve. By selflessly sharing raw details about her journey through all the mayhem, she shares priceless lessons she learned along the way on how to find and enjoy true happiness and fulfillment, no matter your background. Lisa Caza shares a deeply personal and emotional part of herself with readers and she does so with such grace and warmth that will allow you to genuinely connect with and understand her story, and that of countless women who have traveled the same journey.

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