Pepsi, United Airlines, Spicer – Is Mercury In Retrograde The Culprit Behind Theses Communication Disasters?

Pepsi, United Airlines, Sean Spicer – Is Mercury In Retrograde The Culprit Behind Theses Communication Disasters?

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Mercury as you may know was the messenger god of the ancient Romans. In Greek mythology he was called Hermes. He was a trickster who enjoyed chaos and miss-communication. In astrology, the planet Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year. This means that the planet from the earth’s perspective seems to be travelling backward. This is a time of confused mental thinking, misplaced speech and electronic/computer breakdowns.

We have witnessed three doozies of retrograde-ness with some extra horror thrown in.

The Pepsi Commercial
The commercial aired on April 5th technically in the period of time known as Mercury’s shadow. The message was chilling: with all the tensions and terrorism, in the word, all you have to do is be bold and drink Pepsi. Confused thinking par excellence.

The Unfriendly Skies
A Doctor being dragged from a United Airlines plane due to an overbooked flight; and not for emergency passengers but for United Airlines personnel. The brutal miss-communication occurred on April 10 less than 24 hours after Mercury retrograded.

Sean Spicer
White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer’s saying that not even Hitler gassed his own people. The mind boggles at the insensitivity and stupidity of this comment.

Given that at this time Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, as well as Mercury are retrograde in the heavens the message is clear: take stock of your priorities and words. Mercury retrograde is a time to think creatively. Turn off the news and unplug from your cell phone. Unless, of course, your cell phone catches another gaff and then publicize it in the hopes that people will understand that the media we crave is a double edged sword.

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