Questions We’d Like To Ask Weird Al


The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show would love to interview Weird Al Yankcovic. If Al is reading this, he can email us at: &

Eleven Questions For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Of all your songs, which one would you describe as your Picasso in terms of the way it was written, the meaning of the words, the way it flows, and its creative originality?

Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, do you believe that you could be a reincarnated famous musician and if so, who would that musician likely be?

What insights have you gained about your life and life’s purpose since your daughter Nina was born? What would you say is Nina’s theme music every time she enters a room or goes for a walk?

In observing both your music videos and album photos, the reactionary “surprise” expressions of the people in them appear to be very similar. I would say that these similar facial expressions appear to constitute a signature component of the ‘Weird Al’ experience. Is this something that has been planed or is this interviewer thinking too much?

Have you never seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience?

In comparison to the average person, you appear to exuberate very high levels of intelligence, creativity, and intuition. Have experienced periods of prolonged loneliness because you could not conserve with many people at the high level of frequency you’re on in your natural state of being?

Are there any times in the course of your relationship with Dr. Demento that he challenged you to go beyond where you currently were and have there been any times where his recommendations resulted in a hit song or great career move?

Are there any individuals whom you’ve seen that same “spark” in that you feel Dr. Demento saw in you? Have you become a mentor to anyone the same way Dr. Demento was to you?

According to Author Alfred Weysen, twenty-seven is a lunar symbol, indicating the light in darkness and it is the symbol of the divine light. According to common numerology experts, the number 27 represents a composite energy containing the ideas of humanitarianism, compassion, philanthropy, cooperation, tolerance. Mr. Yankovic, is your repeated reference to the number 27 a hidden to message humanity which tells them that you have a special mission here on earth to spread peace & joy to others?

When you are at the peak of your creative process for an album (or song), how does your body physically change? Do you see a weight increase / decrease? Do you experience high anxiety and self induced pressure?

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