Questions We Would Ask Rob Lowe

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Hello Mr. Lowe,

The nationally syndicated Outer Limit of Inner Truth Radio Show would love to do a pre-recorded interview with you about your experience with Bernie Brillstein (we’re doing a tribute to him). Here are the questions we would ask you.

What impact did Bernie Brillstein have your career and what were three lessons that he taught you?

How did your thought process and intuition change when you were in Mr. Brillstein’s presence?

Were any there films or projects that you were thankful Mr. Brillstein convinced you not to do and if so which ones & why?

How do you honor Mr. Brillstein’s legacy to this day in your professional & personal life?


Mr. Lowe, in your new A&E series you travel through the country to explore infamous unsolved mysteries. Are you interesed in exploiring this unsolved mystery?

Mr. Lowe, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth would like to do pre-recorded interview with you and ask you deep, introspective questions. We would also like to do a Forensic Soul Analysis on you and your two sons. The Forensic Soul Analysis would encompass: Three globally respected psychic mediums each doing a separate analysis of you, Matthew, and John Owen (none of you would have to be physically present when this is happening). The psychics will be analyzing who each of you were in a past life, who your spirit guides are, and what your mission together is for this lifetime. We will also have an astrologer do a comprehensive chart of you, Matthew, and John Owen.

These are questions we would like to ask you for the interview portion.

What was the hardest aspect of your life that you transcended?

What is more important to you: finding physical proof of the existence of aliens to show the world or gaining enough conviction to prove to yourself that they exist regardless what the world thinks.

You had mentioned being in contact with a ghost. Do you feel that this ghost could have been someone whom you knew or was an admirer of your work? Do you think that we are one technological innovation away from accurately facilitating communication with non-physical entities?

Do you have certain strong held beliefs & convictions that you think could ultimately prevent from your being able to perceive evidence of a paranormal mystery solved?

Are you afraid of judgment after death?

What do you think were your three greatest acts of compassion in this lifetime?

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