Questions We’d Love To Ask Tony Robbins

Questions for Tony Robbins

Have you ever considered taking legal action against Justin Bieber for stealing your hairstyle in the 80’s and calling it his own?

Do you fear that if you fully transcend your shame, guilt, and inner suffering that you may lose some of your capability of relating to people and helping them as you would be at the finish line while they are still in the race?

Have you ever listed to one of your own CD’s or read one of your books for purpose of bringing yourself out of a negative state of mind?

If you took away everything that you learned as an adult about personal development, what kind of life do you think you would have attained with just natural skills & talents from your childhood?

You’ve shared your story about the day you became rich. How did you conclude that you deserved great things? Was it based in is disdain for scarcity – seeking to run from scarcity as fast & far as possible knowing that you would arrive at abundance? Did ever you think that deserving abundance was a form of grace or a karmic reward that the universe owed you for allowing you to sustain so much abuse earlier in your life?

What are some of the ways that you have healed your inner child and what was the most extravagant way that you’ve spoiled your inner child?

Some people will come to your seminars and they’ll be immersed in your intense love & presence and have that love be reflected back to them by those in attendance. However, weeks and months after the seminar some of these people may revert right back to their previous disempowering lifestyles. What are some of the common reasons why that happens and why do you think some people find it difficult to be able to light & sustain the fire in their own hearts?

At one point in your documentary “I’m Not Your Guru” I observed that the Root Chakra balancing ambiance sound was playing. Was this done with or without the audiences’ awareness? Do you ever incorporate metaphysical teachings at the front or subliminal level in your seminars?

How do you manage to help Clients whose lifestyle choices may be a complete contradiction to yours and whose lifestyle may or may not actually be hurting others?

Do a keep a constant awareness and vigilance about sounds and visuals that you know can trigger you back into a previous life state of insecurity or mental paralysis from post traumatic stress disorder?

You have said that the abuse you sustained at the hands of your Mother made you the person you are today. However, are there aspects of that abuse that you feel has irreparably damaged your capability to feel and experience certain things in life had you not gone through the abuse?

In many organized religions, it is taught that there is a supreme being that that exerts its will upon all of life and events within it. Do you find that people who are in organized religion are more likely to be predisposed to not being able to take full responsibility of their lives & actions because they feel it’s out of their hands and in fate of another?

In some organized religions, guilt is reinforced though teachings that certain actions and thoughts are sinful despite clearly being in the best interests. If a person passionately seeks to be fulfilled and go beyond their current acceptance of what life is, will inevitably come to a crisis of conscious and faith having to choose between themselves and that of their religion?

Have you ever caused a car accident due to sunlight reflecting off your teeth and into the eyes of another driver?

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