“The Phoenix Rising” By Kerrie O’Connor

Phoenix Rising, Outer Limits of Inner Truth
“The Phoenix Rising”
By Psychic Medium & OLIT Virtue Kerrie O’Connor

There’s not a living person that isn’t being affected by the increasing frequencies that are being showered onto and up through the earth right now.
I have heard from people around the world saying the same things such as headaches, feeling ungrounded and rage that can quickly flip to joy.

I just want to remind you, that when we entered into this earth place, we knew in this lifetime there would be a “major shift”. We are experiencing the swing of getting out of the human doing and duality, and remembering who we already are, Human Beings that are a reflection of the Creator.

The other day I was outside and I saw black smoke, like energy rising two feet from the Earth. This is a release of dense, heavy energy. I thought, Great! Then, as I was walking around the gardens, I felt like I was walking through rubber cement.

I was shown that these energy downloads or showers are going to continue in intensity throughout the year. But do not go into fear, it’s time for all of us to become like the Phoenix Rising from the ashes. We all have access to our higher self, Angelic aspects. It’s about taking the “time” to tap into it.

This is a Great Time to be alive. We are literally observing through “the terrorist” energy. Whether it be literal, political, health care, etc, the archetype “terrorist” energies are up in our face so that we can look into our own lives, and see where WE can be the “terrorist”. It can come out as control issues, micromanaging or being terrified to make the changes you know must be made to bring balance into our lives.

So, please meet your terrorist, take her or him into your sacred heart energy where you have the direct connection to the Creator,-All that is. If in your life, you have been stuck or paralyzed to move forward, take that aspect of yourself into the Phoenix Rising Energy with the sacred heart.

I promise as you do this, everything will change in an instant. We are experiencing manifesting literally now. Most of us start by manifesting fear, disease, lack, and unworthiness first. When we wake-up and say, I don’t want to feel this way anymore, that’s a “commandment” to your body, to make the shift into rising into the light. When you can be neutral, compassionate or “Hold Space” when faced with the most “horrific stories”, you know you’re Becoming the Phoenix Rising.

Also, please remember, this doesn’t mean you won’t have your “bad hair days”, it’s literally part of the process. So, tap into the Re-birthing energies. Bring it down to a cellular level, then feel it radiating throughout your energy field. You will feel or sense the fire that burns and transmits the denser energies.

To help, we are offering the “Brain Activation” attunement to you. (The key is to remember to use it.) So let’s All of us Be The Phoenix Rising. (Located on our website under newsletter)

We are offering a Tele-class, The Phoenix Rising: How to embody and embrace your true nature on Thursday, July 21, 2016, 6-8:30pm (EST). Cost: $33. Call or email to Register today.

Finally, I would like to Welcome my new assistant, Taylor, and kindly ask you if requested information or a service in the past two months and have not been responded to, please contact us again by phone or email!


Kerrie Rising

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