OLIT’s Virtue Laura Lyn Featured In The Examiner Newspaper!

Laura Lyn a psychic healer of past lives

April 4, 2014

“First of all, I tap into the soul and in that energy it helps me understand the effects of what happened in a person’s past life and it helps me unlock potential issues that a person has in this life. What happens in my work is that the person can move on after these experiences are healed and the person can move on. I believe that, “If it is caused by a past life it can be healed”.

I just got off the phone with Laura Lyn, a psychic who works in the arena, as she says above of past life healing. She had a very early psychic experience learned about her gift over 40 years ago, when, at the age of 5, she began seeing “Native Americans in the back yard” of her home.

Her devout Protestant Christian parents were horrified. “They had a hard time” accepting that their daughter was a gifted with an amazing spirituality. She just spontaneously would meet people and naturally know their past lives.

It just wouldn’t stop happening and so 11 years ago she began to be a psychic professionally. She has never looked back. Her decision has given her a life where she works professionally with all kinds of clients. She has worked on cases with police departments on both current cases and closed cases. She has written 3 books about her work.

Today, she lives and works in Ohio and you can reach her at 330-618-7428 or at her websitewww.angelreader.net.

Two weeks after the time when she told her parents about the Indians in the back yard the next door neighbors began doing some excavating their land and they found two Indian skeletons. “I never knew about that until I was 30 years old.” It must have been tough for her as a child being told to stop talking about what she was seeing.

I did a short session with her and I found her to be insightful, direct and comfortable. I believe her and would advise you to call her if you are feeling needy or anxious. Even if you are not I’m sure it will be an interesting hour.

Laura Lyn concluded, “The very first experience I actually had was an angel encounter. She was in the corner of my bedroom and spoke to me that my grandfather would have to go away. I woke up everybody in the house to be told to go back to sleep that I must be dreaming. He consequently died two weeks later with a massive heart attack. She told me he would be gone but I would still be able to hear him, and I do from time to time.”

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