Transforming Your Relationships by Kerrie O’Connor

“As Above… So Below- And So It Begins”
Transforming Your Relationships
By OLIT Virtue & Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor

I saw an article about all the planetary actions we will be experiencing throughout November. Some of these alignments haven’t happened in 70 years! The Saturn, Mars, Venus and the Moon are the major player. My first thoughts were that it confirms what I intuitively saw happening throughout November.

We will have plenty of opportunities to release restriction, (Karma) (Saturn), Anger or “war energies” (Mars), Full (Moons) Emotions, affecting ALL of our relationships (Venus/ Moon). So IF you don’t want to feel like a ping-pong ball going all over the place it’s a great month to consciously be aware of how we relate starts within ourselves. It’s a great time to heal the “wounded child” wounded hearts and to Become the Phoenix that flows through the fire instead of being consumed by it.

“As Above- So Below” is a beautiful reminder how the universe works. Here the heavenly bodies are giving us major opportunities and extra energy to transform ourselves. Ask yourself- Are you getting pulled into the dramas about the politics – I.S.I.S. etc., is where the world is showing us collectively we have become very off balance and now is the time to bring balance into every aspect of your life.

You will know where your off balance because it’s going to be right up in our (collective) faces. So when those experiences arise.

1. STOP- literally stop what you’re doing, saying
2. DROP- breath, feel yourself getting into your Sacred Heart space (Where all is one- the gateway to higher celestial dimensions.
3. ROTATE/ or RADIATE- Feel yourself rotating Rotate (consolidating your energy bodies then radiate- Shine Your True Divine Nature!

We are not our stories, Ego, nor are we separated from the Creator, Become the Creator within and feel that God Force energy radiating throughout your entire energy bodies. IF you have to Stop, Drop and Rotate a 100 times a day- do it. Every time you do you are opening and strengthens pathways to the Sacred Heart Space. You will notice that you don’t feel off balance for long because it’s too exhausting to fight with the Ego, Emotions, or Mind. When you rotate- embody and embrace your true nature- you will become what Buddhism calls “The Observer” or New Ager, call the “Christ- Consciousness energies” which heals all of our relationships. If you want to save the world, go within, heal yourself and you will become the Phoenix or Beacon of Light that will guide you through everything.You will be “In this world but not of it”. Your life will become the mirror of As Above So Below where you are a true reflection of the Angel having the human experience.

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