The Questions We’d Ask Michael Eisner

While the world is a gold mine, you need to go digging in other people’s heads to unearth riches. Questions are your pickaxes and competitive advantage.” Tim Ferriss


Dear Mr. Eisner,
I have read your books and I’m a great admirer of your thought process and what you have accomplished.
In addition to hosting this national radio program, I am also co-founder of a New York based PR firm.
I have not seen many of these questions below asked of you.
It would be a great honor to interview you.
Thanks for your consideration.
Ryan McCormick

Questions for Michael Eisner

Lao Tzu once said “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Of all the things that you did to attempt to expand your consciousness and awareness, what where the two that were the most profound and had the biggest impact?

You came from an affluent family yet, at the helm of Walt Disney you had incredible foresight on serving the needs middle & lower class families. How were you able to tune into this frequency so well despite never having lived among these classes yourself?

You either created or oversaw the creation of many ionic & original movies and television programs. As of 2017, there appears to be a growing trend towards rebooting TV & movies. Do you agree with this practice? Do you think that reboots are a sign of creative bankruptcy among the entertainment industry? What type of shows would you spearhead into development if you were once again a network president?

In your book “Work In Progress” you frequently shares stories of how you picked many top executives at Walt Disney. However, it appears that when it came to choosing a successor this particular hire took a lot more thought and reflecting. Why is this so? Have you found it difficult to believe that someone is capable of doing a job better or with more dedication than you?

What there ever a point in your career where you felt insecure or you allowed a brief moment of ego gratification to compromise a long term business goal?

What are three ways how Barry Diller made you a better executive and a better person? Do you feel that if he was a lesser competitor that he would impacted your drive for success in any way?

Of all of your three children, which one do you feel has taken the most after you as far as your business acumen goes? What are some of the greatest life lessons that your Sons have taught you?

In your book “Work In Progress“ you talk about seeing the Lion King several times. What is it about this particular film that you love most about it? Does it trigger a series of happy memories within you from your childhood? Have you come up with company changing creative ideas while watching the Lion King?

What Disney character did you resonate with the most and what Disney character do you feel has the most “Michael Eisner” in them?

Of all the agents and manager you worked with over the years, what made Berne Brillstein stand out?

Although you’re someone who’s accomplished a tremendous amount, do you ever languish or have regrets over things you didn’t accomplish or haven’t accomplished yet?

For a moment, please think about the faith you’ve had in yourself and the faith you’ve had in your spiritual / religious beliefs. Which one of those two have you struggled more often to keep faith in and which one of those two has pulled you out of places of despair more often?

You find out you’re about to die and have just one minute to tell all of humanity what you learned during your lifetime and what your best pieces of wisdom are. What are you going to say?

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