Questions We’d Ask Mike Tyson for our 100th Episode

Mike Tyson Outer Limits of Inner Truth

The Outer Limits of Inner Limits of Inner Truth is rapidly approaching it’s 100th Episode. We would be honored to feature Mike Tyson, one the greatest champions in the history of all sports.

If you are interested in hearing Mike Tyson answer these questions below on our show, please copy & paste this Tweet to him:

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Questions for Mike Tyson

What do you feel were the 1-2 things that really captivated Cus D’Amato’s interest in you? What do he think he saw in you at first that you didn’t see yourself and how did he help you see for yourself what he saw in you?

What were the three most important & useful pieces of wisdom about boxing that you learned from Cus D’Amato?

What five significant events in your boxing career since Cus D’Amato passed do you feel would have led to a different outcome had Cus been alive to advise you?

Have you ever been a Cus D’Amato to someone else – seeing something in them that they couldn’t see and offering to help them see & develop their true talent?

According to your biography, you’re avid reader and when you were first training in your early days you loved a booked called “In This Corner” – what did you learn from that book? Why was it so important to you and what do you feel that “In This Corner” can teach people about human psychology.

You’ve previously discuss your admiration for Alexander The Great. What do admire about him and how did he impact your ability to fight?


What was the hardest punch you ever connected with it and when you connected with it, did you think you may have killed the person?

What was your most satisfying fight in terms of your performance and the emotional satisfaction you got out of beating your opponent?

How big of an importance did you place on pre-fight psychology (getting an opponent to perceive you or fear you in a certain way) and how many of your victories would you attribute to successfully intimidating your opponents before the fight?

Did you ever modify your fighting style (if even briefly during a match) to honor a particular legendary boxer that you admired and did you ever do a consistent move during a match to pay tribute to Cus D’Amato?

Did you ever gain any significant insights about boxing and life as a result of taking drugs? If so what were they and what drug do you feel has allowed you to become the most self reflective?

What three boxers do you regret not having the chance to step in the ring with?


In your book, you repeatedly called your ex-mother-in-law “Ruth-less” – which of your opponents personality wise closest resembled Ruthless and did you take great pride in knocking these opponents out?

Did having such an impeding ex-mother in law actually make you mentally tougher for fights and better equipped to manage some of your other tough life challenges?

Overall how would you describe your relationship with Don King? Are you at peace with him? Did he ever cause you a lot of pain? Did you never notice and personality similarities or mannerisms that he shared with your ex-wife Robin Givens or your ex-mother in law whom you refer to as “Ruthless”?


What qualities have your children taken after you that you’re really proud of and why?

Do you feel that at times having negative self image has prevented you from fully seeing all the good that may have actually caused people? Do you feel that you helped more people than you’ve harmed?

Do you believe in God and what are some of your founding spiritual beliefs? (if you have them).

Let’s say at this moment you accept the idea of reincarnation, who would you say for certain that you’ve had a previous life time with?

What are you most ashamed of and have you done anything to atone for or transcend this shame?

What do you feel are three rules for becoming a champion in any sport or industry?

Did you ever play Nintendo’s “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!” and slam down the controller over how frustrating it is to beat you in the actual game?


Do you think that world of boxing desperately needs another Mike Tyson – someone who will energize & invigorate the sport once again?

Recently failed CEO & presidential candidate Carly Fiorina came out and attacked Donald Trump for defending you after you were convicted of a crime. Does it bother that despite several reports & public evidence casting more than reasonable doubt about your guilt of this crime that some people associate you with this crime first than all the other great things that you have done?

Also, when Carly Fiorina attacked you, did it make you at all miss or long for the old days when you enjoyed being portrayed as a villain?

In your book, you were honest about yourself in a way that most people wouldn’t be. Why did you feel the need to come so clean about everything and did you write the book as means of cleansing your consciousness of any bad things that you feel you may have done?

How do you want people to remember you?

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