Escaping The Matrix Of Control

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According to many, The Matrix is a system of control based on thought reading, on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the manipulation of language and doubletalk.

  • It is also based on subliminal techniques of control that “fishes” from your mind trivial answers about your ordinary life that your manipulators already know.
    It intentionally explores mathematical similarities between your life and the very lives of the Intelligences behind the masks.
  • It produces feelings of self-pity by artificially creating elements that have a strong similarity with aspects of your past.
  • It uses the structure of the human memory – that organizes similar information in different stacks and puts them on top of each other – to generate a bubble-like sensation on the mind of the targeted persons, through the association of ideas between their very lives and the elements (words, ideas, facts, events, experiences, traumas) that are on top of your memory stacks.
  • It projects artificially images during the night inside your dreams, manipulating symbols and archetypes.
  • It manipulates – and sometimes distorts – present society values (like money, sex, success, fame, intellectual recognition, and professional fulfillment, among others) in order to generate in your mind “dreams” that you have never imagined you’d have.

It is a system apparently designed to suppress from your heart the true feeling of Love, in order to induce you to “lose your soul”. However, if you succeed in always following your heart, you end spiritualizing yourself more and more and can eventually awake your kundalini energy and enlighten yourself.

“Escaping Matrix of Control” Show Timeline & Bios

01:52 – Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoport
42:01 – Michael Harrison Founder of Talkers Magazine
52:00 – Vritue & Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor
100:00 – Energy Healer Jeff Casper
107:00 – The Hooded Sage Khris Krepcik
113:00 – Spiritual Economist Darryl Robert Schoon

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