The Crisis of Masculinity & Reconnecting To Divine Masculinity

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“We are facing a crisis in masculine identity of vast proportions. Increasingly, observers of the contemporary scene – sociologists, anthropologists and depth psychologists– are discovering the devastating dimensions of this phenomenon, which affects each of us personally as much as it affects our society as a whole.” Dr. Robert Moore.

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth explores positive & negative elements of masculinity, show steps how you can connect to divine masculinity and discus how feminine and masculine energies balance themselves.

Featured Guests Include:

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, is a relationship expert, an integral psychotherapist, and a psychospiritual guide and trainer, with a doctorate in psychology. He is the cofounder, with his wife Diane, of the Masters Center for Transformation (MCT), a school featuring relationally-rooted psychospiritual work devoted to deep healing and fully embodied awakening. A substantial portion of his work involves training MCT practitioners. He is also the author of many books, including Transformation Through Intimacy, Spiritual Bypassing, Emotional Intimacy, and To Be a Man.

Dr. Masters’ uniquely integral, intuitive work, which he developed over the past thirty-five years, dynamically blends the psychological and physical with the spiritual, emphasizing full-blooded embodiment, authenticity, emotional openness and literacy, deep shadow work, and the development of relational maturity.

To Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power Hardcover – January 1, 2015

He posts regularly on his FB page:

Jeff Casper & Jona Bryndis

Jona is an Energy Coach & Author at Transcodes Energy Work & Personal Coaching and Founder at Remote Prayers.

Jeff ( is an energy worker who has the ability to shift his perception through various levels to help a person’s own energetic self clear blocks, help repair energy systems and work to bring balance to an individual’s energetic system. He also is shown various energetic patterns or connections within the individual that can help them go further if they are willing to diligently work on themselves. This energy work can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system.

Astro-Phenom Constance Stellas

Regularly featured on the Huffington Post, Constance Stellas ( has been an astrologer for over 25 years. She regularly consults the stars for clients from the arts, business, academia, and regular folks. For five years she was a guest on Sirius/XM’s talk show Broadminded. Callers, especially lady truckers, called in for a quick star reading. Her four books, including the Everything Book of Sex Signs have been best sellers. The Astrology Gift Guide was translated into Czech and The Everything Sex Signs Book, was reprinted and translated into French. Her column appeared in PRESTIGE magazine/Singapore, Valley Life in Los Angeles, and Scarlett Magazine in the UK Constance practices primarily in New York City and leads

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