Our Friend Sandie Sedgbeer’s New Magazine


Sandie Sedgbeer, a great friend of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show is working on an exciting new venture. She’s the editor of Inspired Parenting Magazine Online – a guide for parents who are trying to raise great kids. Here’s some info about a special offer on the magazine below.

In honor of the gift-giving season, Inspired Parenting Magazine is gifting parents and families with a FREE ALL-ACCESS PASS to their SUBSCRIBERS-ONLY PREMIUM CONTENT AREA AT www.INSPIREDPARENTING.COM

This means that for until Christmas da, you can now access ALL their monthly premium content, including articles, book excerpts, videos, meditations, podcasts, and audio libraries.

So— if you are looking for inspiration on dealing with those trying moments when your toddler or teen is having an emotional meltdown…

If you keen to support a learning or behaviorally-challenged child…

Or if you’re ready for some new ideas to help you discipline/guide your children in ways that build confidence and self-esteem rather than shames or blames…

Inspired Parenting Magazine Online is yours to explore, enjoy, share, and put into practice for up to 14 days in your very own home.

There is no obligation, you will not be asked to enter any credit card details, and your information and email will not be used for any purpose other than to access your free 14-day subscription.

We simply ask that If you like what you read, and want more… you consider subscribing to the magazine (at just $9.99 a month it’s a real bargain!), and pass the word on, or gift a friend with a subscription to the most unique and progressive conscious parenting magazine/resource you will ever find.

To take advantage, sign up at http://www.inspiredparentingmagazine.com/store/free-trial-14-day-premium-content-subscription/
And prepare to be inspired!

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