From Jailer To Jailed To Knight Of Liberty

OL_Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper (a knight of liberty) was once considered one of America’s top drug agents who worked joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. Military and Border Patrol.

He received specialized training in narcotics interdiction methods such as undercover operations, reversal operations, search warrants, K-9’s and highway interdiction. In 2006, Barry was the first to blow the whistle on drug dog false alerts.

Barry is currently a law lecturer, criminal defense expert witness and filmmaker who operates the popular website, Seven years ago, as a form of penance, he used his experience as a former drug agent to produce a series of instructional videos titled,, that teaches citizens how to avoid being arrested for marijuana crimes. Flanking, he produced an Internet reality show called, KopBusters, where he brought attention to a mother of two illegally incarcerated after police planted drugs in her car. The sting was designed to embarrass the police and trick them into raiding a trap house rigged with hidden cameras and a fake marijuana grow room. Although he and his family suffered severe government retaliation for the operation, the sting was a success because Yolanda Madden was released from federal prison and remains free today.

At the time, Barry’s critics viewed his style of activism as a personal attack against god, children and the police. Now, most see and KopBusters as a clever humanitarian operation designed to protect citizens from a country who now holds the all time world record for the number of citizens it incarcerates.

Barry is an eight-year veteran beginning his Texas law enforcement career as a police dispatcher for the Gladewater Police Department. He was soon hired by the Big Sandy Police Department where he trained his own narcotic detector dog. Although Barry had less than five miles of highway to practice his craft, he made over one hundred drug arrests and broke several seizure records.

He was soon hired by the prestigious Permian Basin Drug Task Force located in West Texas. Barry taught narcotics interdiction classes and police K-9 seminars at various police academies and agencies throughout Texas. The standard agreement between Barry and the host agency was to pay wages and all expenses for a three-day seminar that included an eight-hour shift of Barry demonstrating his interdiction skills. If Barry failed to make a drug arrest, he would forfeit all monies and the class was free. Barry never had to give any money back.

Barry finished his narco career as head of the narcotics division for the Gladewater Police Department.

Barry accumulated a record of over 300 felony narcotics arrests, 500 misdemeanor narcotics arrests, the seizure of over fifty vehicles and millions in cash and assets. Political pressures including arresting the mayor’s son for methamphetamine, a city councilman for marijuana, and outperforming the DEA and local task force caused Barry to quit law enforcement and become a successful entrepreneur.

Why Barry Cooper is No Longer a Police Officer

Barry now admits his conscience often bothered him while seeing everyday, hard working, non-violent citizens torn from their children and spouses and placed in jail during a raid or a traffic stop. Barry explains,

“My parents, the public schools and the churches taught me any person who used drugs is evil and deserves to be harshly punished. At times, I could feel I was doing something wrong but the brainwashing of antidrug propaganda, my addiction to adrenaline and my need for peer acceptance overrode my good conscience.”

Barry now realizes this is a War On People and not a war on drugs

“This is a war on people and is a failed policy. Millions have been caged and even the DEA admits we now have a larger supply of more potent drugs at a cheaper price than ever before. Do you realize over 800,000 non-violent citizens were arrested last year for marijuana? Did you know the U.S. now holds the all time world record for the number of citizens it incarcerates? In fact, the U.S. has more prisoners than communist China and China has 1 billion more in population than America. Although the U.S. has only 5% of the world’s population, it houses 25% of the world’s prisoners in hundreds of prison camps throughout it’s borders. Tens of thousands of American children are orphaned by one or both parents because of the failed War on Drugs. The drug war can be labeled as a slow motion holocaust.

Although there is currently bi-partisan movement to decriminalize marijuana and medical marijuana is legal in 19 states and recreationally legal in two states, the number of marijuana arrests rise every year. Since marijuana has never been contributed to one single overdose by death, Americans have learned the worst side effects of possessing marijuana are the criminal side effects.”

While living his civilian life, Barry continually noticed the abuse of law enforcement growing worse. Barry himself was unjustifiably arrested five times and became the target of a botched civil raid which left bruises on his 13 year old daughter. One of his arrests includes him being jailed for theft in 2006. After being released from jail, Barry learned the “theft” charge stemmed from him not returning “Jeepers Creepers” on time to a local video rental store. Barry admits he might have deserved jail time for his choice of movies but not for being late on a return. The other four arrests were just as unreasonable and led to charges being dropped or being found not guilty by a jury.

After experiencing these outrageous searches and arrests, it was clear to Barry the courts were doing nothing to protect citizen’s 4th amendment rights that promise to protect them from unreasonable searches and arrests. This is when Barry decided to release his NeverGetBusted DVD series to help decrease the chances of parents and their children from suffering inhumane treatment at the hands of the American police and politicians.

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