Questions We Would Ask Leah Remini

Leah, we love you so much. We want to ask you these question in the hope that they will help you heal and grow in some capacity. You inspire us. Thank you.

Questions For Leah Remini

Ms. Remini do you feel that your experience with the church has irreparably damaged your curiosity and capability of seeking and accepting other forms of spirituality (beyond the structure of any organized religion?).

Because you broke away from a lifestyle where thoughts and actions were tightly controlled and because you were experiencing cognitive dissonance for so long (regarding the external world beyond the church), can you now quickly identify other people (outside the church) who are experiencing cognitive dissonance about their jobs, in their relationships, and their attitudes towards their country?

Did the thought ever occur to you why the head of just about every religion has a man leading it? A woman can actually create another human being – is that not the most awesome and supreme display of power? If you can create another human being, shouldn’t that more or less guarantee you the head position or at least one of the top three roles at any religion, company, or organization?

Since leaving the church, have you channeled some of your regret and anger in forms of self destruction such as substance abuse, prolonged feelings of unworthiness or have purposely turned away opportunities that could have improved your life?

If you focus on the unconditional love you have for your Daughter and Family, how would you describe that love? Would consider that love to the most powerful and most compassionate frequency of feeling that you have ever experienced? Would you consider that love to be divine or the essence of what some call “god” is comprised of.

You left a church which you believed was helping the planet. When you think about it for a second: Human beings cause great ecological damage through war & industrialization, they grotesquely & senselessly murder millions of animals for consumption, they’re the only species of life that doesn’t give anything back to the planet. Do you think that best thing that could happen for the well being of earth would be the mass extinction of humans? Could that not do more help than an form of human effort to help the planet?

Can you please describe the difference between the power of fear and the power of hope among large groups of people? What have you found through your life experiences motivates people more? Do you think a person who lacks fear isn’t necessarily courageous but, may actually lack some form of their basic animistic survival instincts?

Have you ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Are their certain sounds and visual images that can trigger you into a states of dis-empowerment based on you previous life experiences?

Who are three people outside of your Family that you feel have had the most positive impact on your life and why?

Do you think that in today’s culture, being a rebel against the system (be it religion, culture, etc) is more frowned upon or more admired? For either choice, why do you feel this this so?

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