The Return of George Kavassilas

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In 2014, George Kavassilas’ interview on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show provoked an array of emotions from listeners. George returns for another round of discussions about his journeys beyond the cosmic matrix and reveals where humanity is heading.

George Kavassilas’ Bio In His Own Words:

My knowledge and wisdom, values and philosophy have helped thousands of people the world over to feel, be and to live in a more peaceful, centered, and empowered state in a natural way.

After a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary, I went through a long period of contemplation and reconciliation regarding their value and worth. Having since cultivated knowledge and wisdom from my experiences I came to realize my responsibilities and obligations to our Humanity, to our planet. As a result I now embody a limitless passion to share such knowledge and wisdom with our global community.

In my endeavor to answer life’s primordial questions: “Who are we? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here?” the challenge has been to take the most complicated concepts of life, and present them in the most simplistic way so that anyone can understand. Some find my work challenging, yet for others, it is incredibly liberating. On the path of the truth seeker​,​ false beliefs are torn down, but in their stead, the naked truth rises in its simple beauty. Accordingly, my work is presented in the clearest, most direct, raw and simplistic way.
​Shine True!​


George Kavassilas is an author, acclaimed speaker, and regular guest on the alternative radio circuit. George has had an extraordinary life of uncounted interactions with both benevolent and malevolent Beings from a multitude of different levels of realities, both on and off world. In 2003, he re-integrated with his conscious spirit and his Soul and took a journey through the dimensions of our Universe to rediscover what life in this Universe is all about.

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