Fight Over Flight – The Journey of Katey Sagal

Hello Ms. Sagal,

Below are five of ten questions we would love to ask you if you appear on our show.

What were your three most painful life experiences, how did each one change your perception of reality, and which ones caused you to progress or regress emotionally?

Who was the most profound teacher that you had that you never met – a teacher whom you learned a tremendous amount from simply through observation?

Of all the characters you’ve portrayed in TV & Film, which one did you feel allowed you to explore a side of yourself that was a 100% contradiction to your core values & beliefs?

Did religion or spirituality play a significant role in your ability to achieve incredible feats, overcome personal loss, and continue to seek greatness within yourself?

What humanitarian cause or crisis in the world do you to see as being most worthy & urgent of everyone’s attention? Do you have a personal connection with this cause / crisis?



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