Is Tuesday’s ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse The End Of The World?

By Astrologer Constance Stellas (

The so called Blood Moon…and sometimes, pink Moon is an astronomical phenomena that occurs rarely. In astronomy it means that with a total lunar eclipse, which we have late tonight/early tomorrow morning, the Moon passes in shadow of the earth and the light from the Sun is blocked. The umbra we see appears blood red because the light is refracting differently in the atmosphere. As light hits the Moon the moon appears red.

Astronomy measures and describes the planetary avents. Astrology interprets them in terms of world events or patterns for individuals.

The blood moon has historically accompanied difficult events and some religious leaders have claimed that based on the following quotation in the Bible that the end of the world is nigh:

‘The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes.’

I can assure you that the world is not ending However, the amount of planetary and terrestrial stress we are experiencing now from a variety of planetary alignments is significant. It does not necessarily mean catastrophic events but it does mean that we feel particularly agitated and cosmically juiced.

This month major planetary patterns coincide and we are also in the midst of a retrograde Mars. Aggression, arrogance, quick temperedness and rage are common.
Avoid confrontations and keep cool.

The astrologer’s job is to interpret the ways in which the planets help the entire earth evolve; sometimes this process is challenging. We all do our part

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