The Interview We Want To Do With Alec Baldwin

We recently read Alec Baldwin’s autobiography “Nevertheless” and it was a fast & great read. Highly recommend it. Mr. Baldwin is not only someone who’s very complimentary of others but, based on his book Mr. Baldwin appears to be a deep thinker who’s astute in personal reflection. The Outer Limits of Inner Truth would like to interview Mr. Baldwin and hopefully help him discover aspects of his persona & soul that he’s actively seeking. We want to give Mr. Baldwin the same type of interview that Mr. Baldwin has give in his performances: memorable, unique, and original. Below are the questions we would ask Mr. Baldwin

NOTE: If Mr. Baldwin is reading this now, I (Ryan McCormick, the host) guarantee you a fair & professional interview. I’m a fellow Long Island native and love Massapequa.


Questions for Alec Baldwin

When your Father had passed, what type of individuals did you gravitate more towards in order to garner a reflection or similarity to your Father? Do you still seek out and resonate deeply with individuals who are similar to your Father?

How do you think you exceeded your Father’s expectations of you and what are two of your accomplishments that you think he’d be most proud of?

What are some of the best qualities in your Father that you have taken on and continue to exemplify today? What thoughts, actions, and words do you put into the world that you feel continually honor your Father?

Have you ever played a role where you fundamentally hated the character so much that you struggled to give your best performance as that character in order to undermine that character’s relevance & significance?

What do think were two times where your anger was completely justified & actually helped bring about a favorable outcome and what were the two times where your anger created unprecedented chaos?

Do you see your anger more as asset than as a liability?

Do you think that anger can actually be a positive thing sometimes? For example, there are millions of people content with lives of mediocrity and the current political system. Do you think that a lack of anger to these two observances reveals laziness, indifference, and hopelessness? Do you think more people should be expressing justifiable anger today?

Have you ever observed that you can become emotionally provoked quickly when observing others who have qualities that you yourself have but, are not proud of or even ashamed of?

In reading your book, you had repeatedly questioned whether you were ever happy and then at the end described your blissful happiness with your Wife Hilaria and children. If you didn’t have your Family, would you have an genuine happiness in your life? Could you reflect on what you have accomplished in your life and have the sum of those accomplishment be enough to make you happy?

A quote I love is “the lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul.” Have you ever associated happiness & comfort with contentment and if so has that contentment made you afraid of not seeking more opportunities and truly fulfilling your full potential as an actor?

Early in your book you discussed your ability to be empathic with others (feel what they were likely feeling). What were three moments of your life where this gift proved to be invaluable?

What was your empathic impression of Chris Farley and what do you think were two lessons that you both taught each other.

I was genuinely touched after you discussed lighting a candle every night for Ireland and telling her each night that you love her. What parts of your life & heart has Ireland unlocked and how has she made you a better person?

What are three most powerful words & phrases in your vocabulary that you say often?

Why are you so passionate about Animal Rights? Are you a vegetarian?

Do you think that people who can openly slaughter innocent animals are likely to have the capability of killing other humans as a life is a life?

What do you think are two fronts in the animal rights movement where the most progress has been made in the past five years?

Maybe I’m wrong but, seems you’re pretty pissed off with the whole state of political affairs in the US. Do think that extreme ideology coupled with cognitive dissonance are two main reasons why some people with different viewpoints cannot have a discussion without it becoming volatile?

Do you think that today’s social & political hostilities in America are in large part due to a resurgence of anti-intellectualism, social media and growing stupidity of the masses? Would a more intellectual populace have the capability of entertaining perspectives outside their own core belief system and also have the emotional maturity to have a disagreement without shouting cursive epitaphs?

Do you feel that because you’re politically engaged that ideologues who share different views try to “emotionally bait” you into saying & doing certain things in order to fire up their bases?

You’ve been open about your admiration for Bobby Kennedy. What were some of the qualities that you admire most about him and how did he impact your thought processes & way of viewing the world?

A sitting president of the United States could be outraged by world hunger, perpetual war, ecological disasters, and yet this current president had expressed unprecedented anger & for the way you portray him on Saturday Night Live. Is there a part of you that’s in awe of yourself & proud of your talent? Is Trump’s reactions not a glaring testament of your artistic expressionism?

Have you ever gotten even with Harrison Ford for stealing your role as Jack Ryan?

What are some of your goals for the next forty years of your life?

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