Hope & Healing Chamber

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Whoever you are, whatever you believe, the healing hands of humanity embrace you. The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Hope & Healing Chamber is a Prayer Room open to all.

When images come across the screen below, page visitors are asked to pray (in whatever means they are accustomed to) & direct love from their hearts to the people in the images. Visualizing beams of white & golden light from your heart onto the images can be helpful as well.

Here’s how it works:
1. E-mail: outerlimitsradio@hotmail.com (Subject: PRAYER ROOM) a picture of whomever you are seeking to draw hope, peace, love to. You don’t have to mention the reason why.
2. The image will remain up indefinitely unless asked to be removed.
3. If your matter is of an emergency or urgent concern please mention it in the subject line.

Also, please be sure to listen to our interviews with: Khris Krepcik, Jeff Casper, Reverend Sally Perry and other Healers who offer tremendous insight into healing.

Thank you.
SW_prayer hotline

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