Holiday Magic For A Cause


Tom Danheiser, Senior Producer of Coast To Coast AM with George Noory stopped by the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show to discuss their charity CD “Holiday Magic Coast Style.” Performers include: Whitley Strieber, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Christian Wilde, Joshua P. Warren, UFO Phil, Catherine Austin Fitts, Billy Gibbons, Lionel Fanthorpe, Pat Boone and others. With a special performance by George Noory.

You can learn more about the CD and purchase it here.


Holiday Magic Coast Style Reviews

“This is a wonderful CD .If you love Coast to Coast you will love hearing George and his regular guests share all thier hidden talents .
I hope C2C issues a Christmas cd each year!”

“Very nice! Not the usual fare, and the semi-familiar voices for CTC listeners add a warmer, individualized touch to these songs. And they are well done musically, interesting and pleasant to listen to.’
By Michael A. Rutkaus

“I enjoyed this a lot, great to hear all of these wonderful songs and poems performed by those that I have been listening too for years!”
Joseph S Peters

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