Questions We Would Ask Chris Hedges

Mr. Hedges,

As someone who’s read many of your books and appreciates the sacrifices you’ve made, I consider you a hero.
These are questions we would love to ask you on our national radio show.
Hope we can make this happen. It would be a great honor

Ryan McCormick
Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Questions for Chris Hedges

You’ve said that nation can be defined by how it entertains itself. Millions of Americans entertain themselves through violent movies & video games as well as excessive pornographic viewing. What does that say about the culture and what is the long term collective psychological impact of these forms of “entertainment” on the American populace?

How did previous generations of Americans entertain themselves that were positive & constructive?

In your recent article “Make America Ungovernable” you say that America only has a short window of opportunity to starve off an unprecedented era of totalitarianism. What would have to happen in order for this course to be reversed and do you foresee enough people becoming aware of what’s really happening in time?

You’ve written much about the rise of Christian Fascism yet, according to a 2014 Pew Poll, Americans are apparently leaving the Christian faith in droves. Do you find this fact hopeful? Do you find that as more people leave not just Christianity but, any form of organized religion that they are less likely to be indoctrinated by other institutions and less likely to become radicalized by other similar beliefs that are taught in organized religion?

What are your thoughts the coming global financial collapse and the end of the petrodollar? How do you think both America the world will respond. Do you foresee the pain from this event being so great that it will likely force people to change for the better or instead drive them at lighting speed into the arms of bondage?

Do you find that some of the previous US Presidents who are discussed highly in both the media & public schools are actually some of the greatest purveyors of assaults on the Constitution & Civil Liberties?

Right now many celebrities are speaking about their disdain of president trump especially on his travel ban. Do these celebrities anger you because they weren’t making a peep when the 2012 NDAA was quietly passed or the patriot act was passed or several other draconian measures were passed – pretty much decimating the core of America. Do you think that these celebrities are actually HELPING president trump by driving support towards him through their hypocritical actions?

Khalil Gibran once said “The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul” – Do you think that not just Americans but, many people in first world nations have made a conscious decision to forgo their right to liberty in order to engorge themselves in a bed of gluttony & comfort?

Anyone can go online and see horrible videos of war and horrible videos of animals being killed at factory farms yet, both continue. Why? Why do people willingly permit these atrocities to happen?

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