Jeffrey Gurian


Jeffrey Gurian ( ) is a Comedy Writer, Filmmaker, Cosmetic Dentist, Spiritualist, Healer, and Performer. He’s written for the Friars Club Roasts for more than 25 years. Gurian is also a doctor, a professor at NYU in the Oral Medicine / Oro-Facial Pain Department, and has served on the Board of The Association For Spirituality and Psychotherapy for the last ten years. Having been involved for many years in the esoteric art of “Healing through Touch”, and using a technique he created called “STAR” Therapy, Gurian treats stress-related illness and Depression.

Questions for Jeffrey

Jeffrey, you have expressed your energy in this life in a number of different ways between being a dentist, comedy writer, a film maker, and author. It would appear that you are fully utilizing your potential to it’s fullest. What motivates you to become skilled at so many different talents?

Which of those expressions mentioned above do you feel has positively affected the most lives and why?

Growing up you experienced a number of physical challenges and one of them was stuttering. In your 20’s you developed your own cure for stuttering. How did stuttering impact your self esteem growing up and when you conquered it by your own actions, how empowered did it make you feel?

Do feel that anyone has the capability to overcome any physical ailment and if so, what are the first key steps to for them to begin sailing their own seemingly impossible mountain?

Anyone who knows you are or has read your work sees that you’ve developed a tremendous rapport with hundreds of celebrities and other individuals who’ve been incredibly successful. What do you feel you have inside that draws these individuals to you and causes them to see you as their equal?

How did you become so famous and well known an industry without every knowing anyone?

You discussed that you were given a gift to physically heal others. Can you explain this gift, how you got it, why you feel you got it and how you’ve used this gift to help others?

Do you feel that this gift of healing comes from within or do you feel that you are facilitating the healing from someone where else. Also, do you feel that your gift of healing is unique or do you feel that other people have had the capability to do what you do?

Anyone who knows you or your work sees an individual who’s consistently manifesting into physical reality – brilliant ideas. Many people have ideas but, never manifest them physically. Why do you feel this is so and why are you able to take so many of your ideas and bring them into existence?

You’re very passionate about comedy. Why is this so and who are some of the best comedians you ever worked with?

Do you feel that in the world of comedy there’s a collective sadness and emptiness among many stand up comedians who could be as equally driven to make people laugh as they are driven to seek emotional reassurance which can only come from within?
What do you think your purpose is in life and do you feel that you are fulfilling that purpose?

What five people had the greatest impact on your life?

What would you say would be the top three lessons that collective humanity can learn from observing and studying your life?

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