Ghost In My Child? Kids Who Remember Their Previous Lives

Does your child recall memories of being on the Titanic or can they describe in detail places and events that they’ve never experienced before? Does your child act like an adult? They may be experiencing a memory of their previous life. On a very special edition of the “Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” we will explore this aspect of reincarnation.

Listen to the show on July 31st @ 10 pm EST here

Guests include:

Lisa Tatum-Roehrig is Sr. Story Producer of Lifetime Movie Network’s “Ghost Inside My Child”- they tell the stories of families who have a child who is dealing with (or already dealt with) a past life memory. The show has been picked up for a second season- New episodes will start airing on LMN in August.


Cerridwen Fallingstar is an American Wiccan Priestess, Shamanic Witch, and author. Since the late 1970s she has written, taught, and lectured about magic, ritual, and metaphysics, and is considered a leading authority on pagan Witchcraft. She is also the author of three historical novels, which she refers to as “posthumous autobiographies” — memories from previous lives. She also works as a professional psychic, offering readings and trance journeys (hypnotherapy in a shamanic context.)

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