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On a special edition of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show, we will do a feature on “The Force” – a book written by the late, brilliant Metaphysical Visionary Stuart Wilde. The interview will feature a rare interview with The Hooded Sage Khris Krepcik who worked hand-in-hand with Stuart for over 20 years. The Force is part of each and every thing in the physical plane. This includes our planet, the stars and galaxies, and the physical universe, as it stretches out in space, beyond our perceptions. By its very nature, the Force is immortal and never-ending; because it is the inner light or ‘living-ness’ within all things, we call it universal.


Scott David Jenkins Writes:
This outstanding piece of work from Stuart Wilde covers how we (everything that is) are all a manifestation of The Force energy. The Force may be called the Infinite, the Supreme, love, The Creator, etc. Each name though has certain connotations with it that may define it, and in doing so limit it. I like the term The Force in that it clearly refers to energy. Stuart talks about how the less spiritually evolved you may be, your energy is “vibrating” at a lower speed and thus attracts similar “lower energy”.

It’s just a law on how The Force (energy) works. Similarly, as you develop spiritually your energy begins to increase (vibrating at a faster speed) and you also attract like energy or a higher energy. There is no good or bad, it is all energy. So, your life is a reflection of your energy patterns. If you have a lower energy, negative thoughts, closely tied into the physical world then that is what you will attract. Someone in this pattern will experience a lot of issues in their life, difficulties and problems. Lower energy people will be part of your life which means a lot of negative people. This can be known as Karma. Although there is no emotional attachment with it – no punishing or sin type of thing, just like energy attracting like energy.

The good news is you can raise your energy continuously. As you raise it, by what Stuart refers to as discipline, you control your destiny and experience a more peaceful, happy life as a result of higher energy attracting higher energy. “Discipline” is your ability to connect with your higher self and let The Force be you in physical form. This means seeing everything as one – God, you, everything. Realizing that your body deserves respect, and eating and living healthy as a result of this. He refers to having an alkaline lifestyle as opposed to acid lifestyle. Alkaline will raise your energy. This is your diet, music, color, your thoughts (negative thoughts are “acid”). Judgment is negative and lowers your energy.

Understanding that everyone has the right to their own experience, and being somewhat detached from the world – in an emotional level that lets you see things happening knowing that they are for the good of all. Not judging events or people, but recognizing The force in all. Having faith that everything is happening as it should. All of this will raise your energy so you can continue growing and continue to experience a more enriching life on the physical plane.


About Khris Krepcik

Khris Krepcik is a world renowned etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdoms and mystic arts. He is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real — authentic and genuine.

With over thirty years of experience in the extensive study of ancient teachings, altered states of consciousness, philosophies, shamanism, mysticism, and metaphysics, Krepcik has a rare perception and profound understanding of human consciousness and the human energy field. His profound understanding comes from direct experience and perception of the spirit worlds, the subtle etheric field, and the multidimensional nature of reality. He sees things that few others can see. He answers things that few others can answer. His style is direct and concise, with a true warmth, wisdom, and understanding.

Khris Krepcik studied with Stuart Wilde for over 20 years, eventually leading to providing healing and lectures at Stuart Wilde’s workshops. In 2007, after traveling and working together for several years, Wilde asked Krepcik to write down a system of philosophical disciplines to guide others and become the next teacher. Krepcik’s teachings embody the Warrior’s Wisdom into one complete philosophical method of disciplines, meditations, and etheric techniques.

Krepcik’s teachings are provided exclusively through The Hooded Sage Course — an online school of disciplines and personal guidance designed to help people develop inner power and perception. He teaches that one can create a spiritual reality of their own and transcend the collective human evolutionary path of ego, emotion, and mind, which is often ruled by a system of programming and control. Krepcik spends his time writing, healing, lecturing, and teaching at private workshops around the world. He has students in over twenty five countries.

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