Questions We’d Ask Tim Ferriss

While the world is a gold mine, you need to go digging in other people’s heads to unearth riches. Questions are your pickaxes and competitive advantage.” Tim Ferriss

Mr. Ferriss,
My name is Ryan McCormick (also hailing from Eastern Long Island). I respect you very much. Also, I have met with and become the Publicist of several of my mentors. You ask phenomenal questions to your guests. It would be a great honor to interview you and ask you these 18 questions below.

18 Questions for Tim Ferriss

What was the hardest moment of your life and how has the emotional scars from that moment impacted your perspective on happiness and fulfillment?

What is the measure for which you define personal & professional achievement? If a person has experienced a tremendous amount of abuse early in their life and despite having permanent trauma, through courage & determination they create a stable, middle class life. Is that an example of a bigger accomplishment than someone who becomes a multimillionaire through a series of trial and errors?

When you meet someone for the very first time: What are you assessing about them in the first two minutes? Will you know in two minutes if this individual is a friend, foe, or someone you will do business with?

Your book “Tribe of Mentors” is filled with the wisdom of several phenomenal achievers. Have you ever sought to learn from “Dark Mentors” – individuals who are cold, evil, and viscous but, who have accomplished many incredible things? Have you sought these “Dark Mentors” for the purpose of becoming the antithesis of their core values?

Who are some of the mentors that have taught you a tremendous amount about life & business but, who also aren’t necessarily well known & famous?

Who are three people in history (that are dead) that you wish you had the opportunity to meet in person and learn from?

Tim many people would say that the books you write, the speeches you do, and the podcast you create has a resonance of exceptional quality. Do you also fail exceptionally well to? If you know you are going to fail at something, do you ever try to do it in a graceful & majestic way in order for you to maximize the lessons learned from it?

What have been the four most surreal moments of your life and why were they surreal?

PART I: You have said that people are the sum of the five people they interact with the most in their lives. In today’s era where people are constantly interacting electronically (and not face-to-face) how do they determine who these five key people are? If you are interacting electronically with an individual frequently through email, does that supersede the sphere of influence of a face-to-face interaction even if you communicate with that person less?

PART II: As Artificial Intelligence becomes a more prominent part of our lives and as people begin to have robots as companions (even sexually) how will that dynamic impact and change your “five people who influence you dynamic.” If you have a robot that is very intelligent and teaches you, will you ultimately become a better person for it?

Millions of Americans entertain themselves through violent movies & video games as well as excessive pornographic viewing. What does that say about the culture? Also, what does what an individual does to entertain themselves (or find entertaining) reveal about themselves and reveal how close or how far away they are from success?

What are some of your spiritual beliefs and how have they shaped and molded your life and outlook?

For a moment, please think about the faith you’ve had in yourself and the faith you’ve had in your spiritual / religious beliefs. Which one of those two have you struggled more often to keep faith in and which one of those two has pulled you out of places of despair more often?

Several freedom minded individuals such as Dr. Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, and others say that the US and the world is metastasizing into a fascist police state. What are your thoughts on this and do you believe that a person can live in a free country but, yet be prison of their own mind?

Tim I personally love how you tweet about helping animals. Why is this important to you?

Have you ever felt a profound moment of intuition which either saved you from danger or brought you great happiness?

Although you’re someone who’s accomplished a tremendous amount, do you ever languish or have regrets over things you didn’t accomplish or haven’t accomplished yet?

You find out you’re about to die and have just one minute to tell all of humanity what you learned during your lifetime and what your best pieces of wisdom are. What are you going to say?

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