Energy Clearing with Sherry Hopson

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Air Date: April 23rd at 10 pm EST

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth presents an in-depth interview with Ms. Sherry Hopson (, a soul healer.┬áMs. Hopson reveals how changing a soul’s perception of it’s karma & life events can substantially change it’s evolution.

Sherry Hopson has over 20 years experience working with clients utilizing her gifts and talents as a counselor.

She is an internationally known author speaker and radio personality.

She spent the first 26 years of her business career in corporate America working her way up to running a successful national finance firm, she left her position to follow her passion as a spiritual counselor.

Ms. Hopson has a specialty working with a soul’s progression of the emotional aspects of development from life time to life time and also the developmental process of the master soul groups. Not only is she known as a past life expert but also very highly recognized for her energy work. Ms. Hopson has worked with numerous medical doctors throughout the United States and a bio chemist working on cancer research utilizing her medical intuitive abilities. Her energy clearing work is known to be highly effective in creating a person to create healing and movement through karmic conditions.

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