Easing Through a Retrograde Mercury

Easing Through a Retrograde Mercury
Posted: 09/16/2015
By The Asto-Phenom Constance Stellas

Have you ever heard of the challenging time period called Mercury Retrograde? During this time even people who don’t usually follow astrology often look at me with dread and say “It’s a retrograde Mercury, isn’t it?” Not to worry: this celestial phenomenon can be a productive time for us if we keep certain things in mind.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and orbits very close to the Sun. Mercury or Hermes in Greek mythology was the messenger god and also a trickster. His delight was in surprise and unexpected outcomes. The specific areas of life over which Mercury rules are among others, communication, phones, computers, mail (snail and e-mail) contracts, and jokes. I say “rules over” meaning that these areas are the areas of life most affected by Mercury. Three times a year this mercurial planet retrogrades or appears to move backwards. Of course, a planet cannot literally stop in its tracks and reverse direction. To visualize what occurs in the heavens, imagine you are on a slow moving train and a faster train is travelling parallel to you: the slower train appears to be moving backwards. This is what happens to swift Mercury during the retrograde period.

Here on earth during these time periods we may find that thoughts have a hard time catching up with our actions. We can feel confused and disorganized. Appointments of which we were certain fall through or we make a mistake in the address and end up on East 57th street when the interview was on West 57th street! My favorite Mercury retrograde story was the letter that was addressed to someone in Austria and ended up a month later in Australia. Confusion.

What shall we do when confusion reigns? Observe the chaos with humor because it is Mercury’s joke. But there is a purpose to this celestial event. This is the time to let go of linear thinking. We have to accept the communication interferences and rest the mind and our expectations. Perhaps that interview on 57th street where you screwed up the address was not the right situation for you? Take the retrograde periods as a cosmically planned mental vacation.

Here are a few rules to follow during all Mercury Retrogrades:
Do not buy electronic devices or cars.
Avoid signing leases, deeds, or contracts.
Avoid projects requiring accurate measurements.
Check and re-check travel arrangements. Label all luggage clearly.
Send important letters certified or with tracking.

What should you do? This is a good time to RE-do, RE-visit, and RE-form
projects and plans. Use your right brain governing creative thought and see what you come up with.

This Mercury retrograde begins Thursday, September 17th at 2:10pm, Eastern Time and finishes on October 9th at 10:58 am. Keep loose and enjoy your mental vacation.

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