The Death Show: Teachers (Part 3 of 5)

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The Outer Limits of Inner Truth present profound insight about death from the world’s top metaphysical & spiritual teachers. They will help guide you and put into perspective a wider understanding about why death must occur and it’s spiritual implications for our existence on earth.

The Death Show: Teachers (Part 3 of 5)
Air Date: May 8th @ 9 pm est

Featuring (In Order of Appearance):

02:06 – Psychic Medium Vincent Genna
16:25 – Psychic Medium Lisa McGarrity
33:50 – Metaphysical Teacher & Healer Jeff Casper
44:18 – Metaphysical Teacher The Hoooded Sage Khris Krepcik
102:00 – Metaphysical Teacher Reverend Sally Perry
134:00 – Psychic Medium Karyn Reece
156:23 – Psychic Joyce Keller
218:00 – Psychic Teacher Ed Camp
232:10 – Metaphysical Teacher Cerridwen Fallingstar
247:15 – Metaphysical Teachers Dick & Roberta Sutphen
322:04 Metaphysical Teacher Rich West

Vincent Genna
Vincent Genna is a triple power Psychic Medium – an authentic and gifted psychic medium, with the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist, and the big, charming personality of a showman. Much more than a parlor room performer entertaining the audience with messages from the other side, Genna is a results-oriented “solutions” Psychic Medium who tunes into your soul, guides, angelic, deceased loved ones, and spirit dimension for guiding messages. He is then able to decipher how you are blocking yourself from your connection to your higher self and the Divine, give you the solutions to remove those blockages, and empowers you to heal your illness, imbalance, or lack. He also has the remarkable ability to instill strong self-belief, and inspire you to recognize and apply your Divine self.

Lisa McGarrity
Lisa McGarrity is an authentic, easy-going and practical psychic medium who has been helping people for over twenty years. Lisa is also owner of the highly popular Long Island metaphysical store Envision Crystal ( She believes that everyone has the power to shape and control their lives and she enjoys can help others to develop & harness their power. Lisa has the capability of looking any problem from many points of view & offer guidance, especially when life becomes challenging. Many of life’s challenges have both mystical causes and mystical cures and Lisa helps others to create their own personal, mystical cure.

Jeff Casper
Jeff Casper is an energy worker who has the ability to shift his perception through various levels to help a person’s own energetic self clear blocks, help repair energy systems and work to bring balance to an individual’s energetic system. He also is shown various energetic patterns or connections within the individual that can help them go further if they are willing to diligently work on themselves. This energy work can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system.
If you want to know more visit Jeff’s website:

Khris Krepcik
Khris Krepcik is a world renowned etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdoms and mystic arts. He is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real — authentic and genuine. With over thirty years of experience in the extensive study of ancient teachings, altered states of consciousness, philosophies, shamanism, mysticism, and metaphysics, Krepcik has a rare perception and profound understanding of human consciousness and the human energy field. His profound understanding comes from direct experience and perception of the spirit worlds, the subtle etheric field, and the multidimensional nature of reality. He sees things that few others can see. He answers things that few others can answer. His style is direct and concise, with a true warmth, wisdom, and understanding.

Sally Perry
Sally Perry ( Spirit Medicine, of Cherokee lineage, is a visionary, spiritual healer and teacher. She has a unique gift to see the soul and to embrace the all pervading energy of the universe. She is the author of Chronicles of a Healer: She Who Dances and A Master’s Teaching to an American Healer, Immortality. She leads sweat lodges, spirit medicine wheels, vision quests and world peace dances worldwide for groups and private gatherings.

Karyn Reece
Gifted since birth, Karyn has given detailed readings and consultations to over 10,000 individuals to date, including Law Enforcement, Businessmen, Film Stars and a wide variety of Artists and Film Makers. Karyn is a seasoned television and film speaker and guest and has been viewed on: TLC, A&E, CW, Discovery, Lifetime and Biography Channels. ​Karyn shows a diversity of unique skills unmatched in her field. Karyn has acted as a psychic medium helping many people cope with the death of a loved one by providing a way of direct communication with them. Karyn’s gift of prophecy and psychic predictions have proven to be accurate and unmatched. Karyn’s expertise in haunted phenomena and exorcism has resulted in the removal of such energies and the restoration of peace and harmony. Karyn has acted as a psychic artist and has been instrumental in solving cold cases for law enforcement. Karyn is a skilled psychic historian providing professionals with detailed information on historical places and objects.

Joyce Keller
Joyce Keller is an internationally-known visionary, author, television and radio host, media personality, author of six best-selling books which are sold internationally, including England, Greece, Italy, Africa, China, and many other countries. Joyce has been a columnist for Lifetime Television and is a certified hypno-therapist who has safely and successfully lead thousands of people overcome weight problems, and many other human difficulties. Joyce Keller has been honored in Simon & Schuster’s, “Top 100 Psychics in America,” “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who in Television,” is also the author of Simon & Schuster’s “7 Steps to Heaven, How to Communicate with Those We’ve Loved and Lost,” Adam Media’s book, “Calling All Angels” and St. Martin’s Press, “The Complete Book of Numerology.” Joyce is also the author of the National Enquirer’s popular “Angel Book” series.

Metaphysical Teacher Cerridwen Fallingstar
Cerridwen Fallingstar was born in Southern California. Her parents were agnostic; her father worked for Aerospace designing sattelites and other space exploration vehicles. Her mother was a librarian. Cerridwen is a shamanic Witch and Priestess who has taught classes in magic, ritual and metaphysics for thirty years. She gives lectures tying together psychology, spirituality, history, contemporary issues and politics in an entertaining, enlightening and humorous format. She has founded three covens, and an organization called EarthRite which offered public rituals to her Northern California community for a dozen years. She worked closely with Starhawk during the early years of Reclaiming, a ritual and teaching organization based in San Francisco.
Since childhood, Cerridwen has had the ability to time-travel, entering alternate realms and distant times at will through the use of shamanic trance (hypnosis). She has published a book called The Heart of the Fire a historical novel about Witchcraft in sixteenth century Scotland and will shortly be publishing a second past-life novel called White as Bone Red as Blood. This novel is set in twelfth century Japan and details the clash between the Heike and Genji clans which ushered in the Samurai period. Cerridwen has worked as a journalist for alternative publications and has published hundreds of columns, articles and short stories, some of which have been anthologized. She has been interviewed extensively by print, radio and television media. She received a double Bachlor’s degree in English Literature and English Composition from Beloit College, and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA.

Metaphysical Teachers Dick & Roberta Sutphen
Dick Sutphen CCHT is the author of the million-copy bestseller, “You Were Born Again to Be Together” (Simon & Schuster). He has authored 21 New Age books, seven for Simon & Schuster who calls him “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher.” As a specialist in Past-Life Regression and Spirit-Contact Therapy®, Dick has a private hypnotherapy practice, and he has trained thousands of people to be professional hypnotists. His radio show on BlogTalkRadio, “Dick Sutphen’s Metaphysical World, Spiritual Concepts, is heard by nearly half a million people a week.

Roberta Sutphen is a Certified Counselor and is able to advise on a unique level. She has a Master degree from Florida Atlantic University, and a Bachelor degree in Spiritual Healing. Roberta is also a member of the International Natural Healers Association.

Metaphysical Teacher Rich West
Many consider Rich West a spiritual rebel and there aren’t many traditional that West doesn’t challenge directly. One of West’s teachings is that of the “Soul Contract Revocation” – a rather unique means of re-taking control of your destiny and realigning your life to the way you’ve always wished it to be.

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