“Answers From The Afterlife” with Nanci L. Danison

In our introspective interview with Nanci L. Danison, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth explores one of the most fascinating and compelling afterlife experiences in recorded history. This program will shatter your perception of reality and you won’t be the same after you hear it.

Everything We Know About Life & Death Is Wrong

Nanci Danison Outer Limits of Inner Truth

“Answers From The Afterlife,” is Nanci L. Danison, JD’s (www.backwardsbooks.com) fourth book that expands on the information she obtained during an After Death Experience in 1994. Danison brings the credibility of a trial lawyer trained to evaluate evidence to her account of the answers to our most pressing spiritual questions.


“Answers From The Afterlife” by Nanci L. Danison (A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd. 9/19/2016) 

Some insights from “Answers From The Afterlife” include:

• We do not enter into human life to evolve, to learn how to love, or to learn how to be more spiritual. We souls are already pieces of Source/God’s own self-awareness and cannot get more evolved, loving, or spiritual than while in our spiritual state.

• We are souls that have full freedom of choice about whether to incarnate. We choose a theme or topic of interest as our guiding principle for incarnations and select physical lives that will allow us to experience different aspects of that theme or topic.

• What we did or didn’t do in a previous lifetime has no bearing at all on reincarnation. We do not have to earn heaven; we automatically awaken there when our physical host’s life ends.

“Answers From The Afterlife” also sheds new light on many traditional spiritual beliefs, whether ghosts are real, after-death communications without a medium, soulmates, pets in the afterlife, life in the afterlife, and more.

About Nanci Danison
Nanci L. Danison is a writer, a retired health care lawyer and former litigator in a prestigious 270-attorney law firm, licensed private pilot, and former licensed private investigator. She holds a BS degree magna cum laude in the double majors of chemistry and biology, a BA degree magna cum laude in psychology, and a doctorate in jurisprudence. After a near death experience, Nanci left the security of her big law firm, started a successful solo practice in health law, and wrote her first book “Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers.” This book and others provide vivid descriptions of the author’s death, entry into the Light, receipt of knowings that answered all her questions, meeting beloved Light Being friends, having a life review, recalling hundreds of previous lives, and witnessing Creation of the universe and mankind’s history of religions.

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