Questions We’d Ask John Cusack

Internationally acclaimed Actor John Cusack isn’t your typical individual. If you follow him on social media, you can observe that he constantly questions the nature of our reality and constantly challenges the powers that be. Mr. Cusack is a genuine rebel and the Outer Limits of Inner Truth would be honored to interview him in a way that no outer media outlet will. These are some of the questions we would ask Mr. Cusack.

Questions for John Cusack

What do you think are the three biggest threats to humanity right now and what would be some of your recommended solutions to these problems?

What thoughts, actions, and words do you regularly put into the world that you feel honors your mentors & heroes?

When did you have your awakening – realizing that you saw the world in a way that most people did not?

Have you ever played a role where you fundamentally hated the character so much that you struggled to give your best performance as that character in order to undermine that character’s relevance & significance?

Do you think that anger can actually be a positive thing sometimes? For example, there are millions of people content with lives of mediocrity and the current political system. Do you think that a lack of anger to these two observances reveals laziness, indifference, and hopelessness? Do you think more people should be expressing justifiable anger today?

Do you think that today’s social & political hostilities in America are in large part due to a resurgence of anti-intellectualism, social media and growing stupidity of the masses? Would a more intellectual populace have the capability of entertaining perspectives outside their own core belief system and also have the emotional maturity to have a disagreement without shouting cursive epitaphs?

What were some of the hardest moments of your life and how did they change you?

You actively point out to your social media following many newsitems pertaining to injustice. What is your goal in doing this? How do you wish to help or change people?

What are your fundamental core belief about life? Are you a spiritual person?

Lao Tzu once said “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Of all the things that you did to attempt to expand your consciousness and awareness, what where the two that were the most profound and had the biggest impact?

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