Questions We’d Ask Mark Cuban

Questions We’d Ask Mark Cuban

What are your thoughts about how much power and influence an individual can have on their surrounding friends, family, community and even nation. The reason I ask you this is because when the Houston Mavericks won their NBA championship, you were credited with being a huge part of the team’s heart & soul. How can the desire of one individual be harnessed and manifest into a reality that millions experience and even embrace?

Within two minutes of meeting a person, what four key pieces of insight are you most often able to garner about them?

Many people admire your relentless work ethic. Bestselling Author & serial entrepreneur Tim Ferriss teaches that people can work minimal hours and generate more revenue if they focus their time on the right things (maximum revenue generating practices). Do you concur with this theory? Do you push yourself to work many hours because it is an instinctual, habitual, or pleasure generating activity?

Who would you say have been your three biggest rivals and how did they motivate you to discover more greatness within yourself?

Are you a spiritual person? Do you believe in one or more beings that would be considered greater than you? If so, do you fear being judged by this being (s) when you die?

What two of the biggest questions that you’ve always wanted to know the answers to?

I have known your brother Brian for two years and even interviewed him last year. Brian told me that you come from a close-knit family that helps each other. Are there certain dynamics & structures within your family that you have successfully transferred into your companies?

I think that America no longer has a fundamental tribal identity or common ideals which bind all of its people together. However, if one looks at any of your companies Mr. Cuban, they seem to emulate an identity of being high quality. What are some of the other common qualities and moral principals that encompass the tribal identity of the Mark Cuban corporate brand?

Because of the divisiveness of recent US Presidential elections, it seems that regardless of who wins a substantial amount of citizens will be passionately opposed to the president. Because you have contemplated running for President, are you concerned that by entering this arena that how people feel about your personal politics could potentially hurt your companies?

The idea of having a parent, spouse or child be proud of you may be something many individuals strive for. However, what do you think is the line between being proud of someone just because you live them unconditionally or being proud of them because they have attained something that you believe to be a worthy & difficult to attain? Also, do you think that parents who withhold sharing their praise for their children because they want to encourage them to achieve more are showing a lot of love?

What are two of the powerful lessons that your children have taught you?

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