Interview & Forensic Soul Analysis on Cher?

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The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show would be honored to feature Cher on their upcoming 100th show. In addition to the questions we’d love to ask Cher below, we would also like to have Cher get analyzed by our three globally respected Psychic Mediums (Kerrie O’Connor, Laura Lyn, Lisa Caza) and our Astrologer (Constance Stellas).

If you like them and want Cher to appear on our show please tweet her this:

@Cher I’d love to hear you answer these questions & get a metaphysical analysis on @OLITRadio –

Cher or Cher’s Representative can contact us at: &

Questions for Cher

Do you think that you and Donald Trump were possibly married in a previous lifetime and if so, what objects in the kitchen would you likely have preferred to throw at him?

Do you feel that as someone who’s well known and internationally respected that you have a moral obligation to get your fans fired up & proactive about worthy charities and causes?

We love that you’re passionate about animal rights and we love that you’ve brought a lot of attention to atrocities committed by Sea World. What do you feel are three of the most important animal right battles of our lifetime and how do you feel we can win these battles?

In our culture, some feel that in order for a woman to show she’s strong, she has to act tough and appear masculine. Do you disagree and if so what are some of the ways that a woman can be strong?

In our current culture, there appears to be an abandonment of cultural & societal rituals in which girls transition into women and boys transition into men. What do you feel are some constructive ways today that girls & boys can mature into healthy adults despite being immersed in a culture of many “immature adults.”

Have you ever felt a profound moment of intuition which either saved you from danger or brought you great happiness?

Are there any places you’ve visited or performed where you felt a powerful connection to as if you had been there in a previous lifetime?

If you could turn back time, what would be one mistake of your life that you would fix?

What are the three most valuable lessons about life that your has Mom taught you?

What song of yours do you feel have had the most powerful impact on people and why?

Although you’re someone who’s accomplished a tremendous amount, do you ever languish or have regrets over things you didn’t accomplish or haven’t accomplished yet?

Right now in the US presidential election, millions of people are resting their hopes on a leader to guide them. Do you feel that people who have a “seek a savior” mentality are abdicating their responsibility take control over their own lives and being a little selfish by expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting for them?

What is the one song that defines you and consistently plays in your heart?

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