The Hooded Sage Khris Krepcik

OL_Khris Khris Krepcik is an etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in the mystic arts and ancient wisdoms. He is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real—authentic and genuine.

With over twenty years in the extensive study of ancient teachings, altered states of consciousness, philosophies, mysticism, and metaphysics, Krepcik has a rare perception and in-depth understanding of human consciousness and the human energy field. His profound understanding comes from the direct experience of the multidimensional nature of reality. He sees things that few others can see. He answers things that few others can answer.

His style is direct and concise, with a true care and warmth. Krepcik has written 99 philosophical teachings that are provided exclusively through an online course—a system of life lessons that are inspiring, refreshing, and transformational for modern times. He spends his time healing, lecturing, and teaching at private metaphysical workshops around the world.

PRODUCERS NOTE: I think Khris is amazing human being and can’t express how happy we were to have him on the show. He’s a self-made individual who wields great confidence and wisdom beyond his years. Khris also has a huge heart and an incredible sense of humor. This past year has been very rough for Khris as he lost his best friend. However, in that great pain & suffering he has brought into the world many beautiful lessons of healing for others – in doing so I feel he’s honored his beloved friend in a million ways over. I love Khris very much and look forward so seeing his teachings gain more prominence in the coming years and look forward to seeing him attain greater happiness in all that he is and does.

Full Interview with Khris Krepcik is below

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