Does Astrology Reveal Why Our World Is In Chaos?


Does Astrology Reveal Why Our World Is In Chaos?
By Virtue & Astrophenom Constance Stellas

Have you been feeling, as I have, that the world’s pressures and horrors have ramped up in the past year? I don’t know if the world situation is worse than ever before but there is a feeling of events hurling us into the future and we feel afraid.

The motion of all the planets is fixed and regular and I take comfort in that. We know where the planets were when World War I broke out, and we know where the planets will be in the future when a global peace accord will be signed. Astrologers keep track of these regular planetary movements and interpret what they may signify for earth. So far in my blog we have spoken about the Moon’s cycles, Sun signs, and compatibility between signs. And of course, my Astro Heroes, who personify the talents of challenges of each sign.

Turning to the current planetary patterns the planets offer an unique view of the current stressors that the world faces. The relationship between two planets, Saturn and Neptune, describes the major conflict in the world at the present time.

Saturn was the furthest planet that the ancients could see with the naked eye. Saturn or Kronos in the Greek was known as the Lord of Time. He personified limited and structured life. The image of Father Time with his scythe is a more recent picture. In his positive manifestation Saturn offers us the ability to structure life in three dimensions; in the negative he is limitation and rigidity that inhibits joy and creativity.

Neptune or Poseidon in the Greek was the god of the sea and ruled over all that was boundless like the ocean and transcended matter. In astrological interpretations Neptune’s influence is amorphous and foggy. Neptune also personifies spirituality and escape into illusion.

Saturn also rules security and Neptune rules religious fanaticism.

Saturn is concrete reality and Neptune is the dream of something more than day to day to reality. As we have witnessed reality and security have collided with spiritual yearning and religious fanaticism in a most horrible way. The uncomfortable relationship between these planets will remain through 2017 but the intensity will lessen.

How can we individually cope with the message of the planets at this moment and into the future?

My No. 1 suggestion is to spend time in nature. The sea, forest, mountains, or desert can soothe and give us an eternal background to help melt away the cares and anxiety of day to day as well as news events. Ten minutes is better than no minutes. And if you can’t get to nature, then imagine her, and breathe deeply.

No. 2 suggestion is UNPLUG for some time every day. No screens, no earphones, no cell phones and no multi-tasking: Half relaxing and talking on the phone does not count.

And lastly, remember your dreams. Everyone’s dream life is their own personal psychic counsel. Our dreams give us clues for our overall health. If you don’t usually remember your dreams, give yourself the suggestion that you will remember them and keep that suggestion in your mind before you sleep.

This season marks the waning of the Sun’s light. But the winter solstice marks the return of the light. It is a pivotal moment and always brings hope.

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