The Rock n Roll Psychic, Andrew Brewer

What will happen to your life & your world this year?

Known internationally as “The Rock n Roll Psychic,” Andrew Brewer has gained a reputation of being a “flat out clairvoyant”, someone able to see auras, chakras, ghosts, past lives, perhaps even your dear late Aunt Petunia. However, the most important element of Andrew’s work has always been the exploration of what’s “behind the scenes” . . . MAKING the future, more or less, inevitable.

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth asks Andrew what his upcoming world predictions are and how he uses his special gift to help others.

In addition to Andrew’s work as a clairvoyant, he offers specialized sessions as an Astrologer and/or Past Life Reader. Each of these sessions is grounded in a full astrological analysis and, to be fully effective, is best served by knowing the exact time and place of birth.

Andrew’s work is rooted in the idea of RE-awakening the creative spirit within and, to that end, all my work is focused on Creative Problem Solving + Personal “Transformation.

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