2016: The Year of Balance

2016: The Year of Balance
By OLIT Virtue, Kerrie O’Connor

Since 2012, humanity has received many “wake-up” calls to Be-come their true divine nature. For thousands of years, “2012” was prophesized by the ancient Mayans to New-Age leaders all saying similar “The End of the World as We Know It”. So you can imagine when waking up on January 1, 2013 the world was still existing, no light ships picking up the selected few, there was an appearance of just another New Year.

What wasn’t “seen” were the energetic shifts happening in the World. The “planning, preparation” that has been happening for thousands of years. What was the preparation for? The opportunity for humanity to stop living in Ego, duality or separated from the God Source, Creator of which we have been living like for thousands of years.

We have a great opportunity to go beyond the Ego, our fears, limitations, living as “Human Doers”. Since birth, we are programmed with subtle and blaring messages that keeps us living in duality. “The early bird gets the worm”, “Just DO it”, and “What do you want to do when you grow up, at three years old?”. We put our babies in preschools that have waiting lists that “fast track” the children to get in the best colleges. Some schools have a waiting list and the child isn’t even born yet! These are just a few examples of the programming we receive at the beginning of our lives. As we get older, more and more messages supporting, applauding those high achiever’s “human doings”, the Super Stars from sports to CEO’s are all examples that keeps humanity on the “treadmill of duality” in a constant state of Ego. This in turn causes stress, dis-ease and constant seeking outside of ourselves to fill the “void” we are all born with. This void makes us believe that the next job will have more money or buy a bigger house or expensive car. Or, it can be the next relationship is going to fill that void and make me happy. The paradox is there’s not enough money, people or bigger and better external things that will fill that void because it’s “hidden” deep within us. God, Creator does have a great sense of humor. So there we are its 2016, and if you read the world events it would look like we are so much further away from entering a “New World” or “Living in the Golden Years”. The “void” is calling for us; we start by getting off the duality treadmill. WE begin the inward journey, where we take an inventory of our lives, what matters, what drains us, what’s important to us, we start asking the BIG questions…….Life Purpose, Why am I here? How do I fill the “void”.

Whenever one starts that journey, your life changes and you become very sensitive to people, places, foods, etc. The toxins we ingest aren’t tolerated by us anymore. So you clean up with changing diets, staying away from toxic people and places. You start to develop a “taste” for the Divine…..higher frequency energy! As you BECOME BALANCED and you are able to bring that higher vibrational energy into your physical and energy bodies, which is the KEY to creating balance, and access the celestial heaven realms to Be-come your TRUE DIVINE NATURE.

“How wonderful to go beyond wanting and fearing in our relationships, Love does not want or fear ANYTHING” – Eckhart Tolle


Advanced Mentorship Class
Awakening and Activating the Ancient One
Where Phoenix meets the Divine: Keys to the Holy Grail

Kerrie just finished the Mentorship series with amazing responses! People had many multidimensional experiences, some seeing their higher selves and others felt and sensed their own intuitive nature for the first time. Others said it was “just an un-describable experience!”

So we are going to go deeper into our multidimensional selves. Kerrie has been “waiting” to bring these ancient teachings, downloads, divine guidance and ancient healing techniques to you. She got the “GO” that Humanity is ready for “Awakening and Activating the Ancient One: The Phoenix rising energies with the cosmic Divine, opening the “Holy Grail” within yourselves which is the key to living, being beyond duality. Allowing you to transform every aspect of yourself and your life.

It will be done every other Thursday for three months from 7pm – 9pm EST. The dates are as follows:
Thursday March 17th
Thursday March 31st
Thursday April 14th
Thursday April 28th
Thursday May 12th
Thursday May 26th
Thursday June 9th

The cost is only $700 for all this information and tools and normally would be $1500. If need be we can arrange payment plans as well.

What will you receive during this class:

1) Kerrie will tap into your personal energy so you will FEEL in tune with the Advanced Series. You will get up to three Bach essence formula’s made especially for you This helps your transformation as it works with your energy. This alone is a $99 value.

2) Join a chat room that encourages questions, comments and sharing of experiences. Sharing and support along with exchanging higher vibrational frequencies.

3) Kerrie can answer questions between classes via email.

4) You will be able to tap into non-verbal continuous conversations that are the “real” deal instead of tapping in the unconscious, subconscious patterns within yourself or humanity.

5) Updated information of the “downloads” that Kerrie receives from her guides, higher self and multidimensional levels.

6) Learn what and how to be a multidimensional being in a multidimensional universe and how to un-learn the programs that blocks you and keeps you locked in duality.

7) Live in your Sacred Heart Space where you go beyond duality and beyond “The Matrix” having direct access to the celestial realms and carry higher vibrational bodies. Transforming your life so you become the Divine Creator that you really are.

8) You will learn an ancient technique shown to Kerrie and you can use this on yourself or add it to your healing practice and attune others to these attunements.

This work builds upon what the first series started on. If you didn’t attend the first series you can buy it now and listen to it in preparation for this advanced mentorship series.

NOW…Is the time to BECOME your real Creator that is why we came into this physical plane this time around.

Registration deadline is Wednesday March 16th, you can call 860-887-1201 or email union1111@yahoo.com to register!

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