Astrological Chart Analysis of Global Economy


By Astrologer Constance Stellas (

I have attached 3 charts: One for the crash of 1988, another for the tech drop of 1999, and the subprime, Goldman Sachs mess in 2008.

I also have charts for the beginning of the New York Stock Exchange as well as the crash of 1929. I can forward those later.

A chart is an individual map of the “birth” of an event. You had mentioned that with the upcoming Retrograde Mercury as well as the Super Moon we just passed, that some people feel we are in for a stock market crash. I think it is important to note that Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year, and that motion is not in and of itself enough to cause a steep stock decline. What Mercury retrogrades do is complicate communication so computers are down, or people can’t get timely information due to breakdowns.

If we look at the charts I sent you, only the October 1987 crash was in a retro mercury. The Oct. 1929 crash also did not occur when Mercury was in retrograde. So
it is a factor but not THE factor.

More importantly is the relationship between outer planets. Specifically Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. These outer planets bring long reaching and lasting effects. In 1929 Uranus and Pluto were in a square relationship. A square is an inharmonious connection between planets that holds enormous energy and brings great challenges. In 1987, the astrological culprit was Saturn and Uranus but they were conjunct (in the same sign) The 1999 tech debacle was also party to a square relationship between Saturn and Uranus.

August 2008 had a similar pattern to 1929 (Uranus square Pluto) but in flexible signs rather than leading signs as was the case in 1929.

And now? We have a square between Uranus and Pluto in the signs Aries and Capricorn. In 1929, the signs were Aries and Cancer. And the NY Stock exchange’s chart has a prominent Aries placement.

I, however, do not think that this Uranus/Pluto square will bring a crash? Why? Because the interconnectedness of the world makes a total worldwide calamity very dicey. The economy is not in good shape and will remain limping in my estimation until 2015. But the problem areas will vacillate. First Europe, then they cool off, and the problem will be in the USA.
Other emerging economies will benefit but a feeling of easy times is not imminent. I also think that the cosmic message of this square, unlike the square at the time of The Great Depression, is quite different. During the Depression and the subsequent World War, Uranus was stimulating chaos but Pluto was in Cancer (the sign of home, family, and protection) The war ensued not only as a solution to the depression but also to protect Europe and the USA from two powers who were interested in complete dominance. The fight was to protect the hearth.

Now we have Uranus in Aries stimulating, being erratic, making chaos but Pluto is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of big business, of hierarchy, of structure. And Capricorn, by the way, is the position of the moon in the chart for the United States. The dynamic here is to create a structure that can serve and develop an economy on a global level. This means that there will be more controls among nations and more agreements among nations. Not because we have all of a sudden become harmonious people, rather because what benefits one can benefit all. You mentioned hyper inflation. That image of the wheelbarrows filled with money is old school. The new economy is evolving toward a long term structure.

Constance Stella’s Charts On The Economy

T_1999_Standard wheel (1) S_Crash_Standard wheel 1_Plummet_Standard wheel

S_Crash_Standard wheel

T_1999_Standard wheel (1)

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